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Book Review: Mindwalker

Mindwalker by A.J. Steiger
This dystopian tale starts out well but descends into cumbersome prose. In a future America, society is divided into types: those who are mentally well and the no-copers who have challenging behaviour. Our heroine the slightly prim Lain has an unrealistic and entitled view of her society. She is asked for help by the vilified and monstered despairing ground down Steven. In the process of helping the treated with contempt Steven, she is totally disillusioned about the ‘idyll’ she inhabits and once tacitly accepted.

The ostracised and unwell are no such thing, the banal psychobabble is a persuasive lie but as Lain’s life unfolds and buckles the writing becomes bafflingly bad. The ‘twists’ and self important unmeanacing ruthless opportunistic baddie hit bum notes. This initially had promise as a tale of urban collapse but is lacking social resonance and is a reversion to the obvious and infantile. Lain’s lamenting and self-sacrificing is just incoherent and her ramblings are piteous and tedious.

Best Lines:
“I’m starting to wonder if my body emits some pheromone that attracts emotionally damaged males.”

“The inside of my head is not a fun place to be.”

“I’ve seen things that I dare not speak of.”
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