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The Game 1x06 + Odyssey (2015) 1x01&1x02 + True Blood 7x01 Reviewed

The Game 1x06
Shock induced cracking induces a break off point as the game is almost over. Sarah is the mole and Alan is just a love struck idiot. The PM does middle distance simmering. No one is suspicious of Sarah and her Hitler fringe. She has terminal ghastliness. Jim menaces people. Joe is accused. Everyone has a morbid fear of Reds. The stoically good looking Joe has lied and does scowl-pouting and glaring. Sarah practices predation. Joe hints that he was sexually abused by his vile father. Jim and Joe have a confrontation full of bitterness and regret. Bobby and Wendy crack Operation Glass.

Sarah does dreadful things with unapologetic overtones and with an impregnable aura of self-regard. Wendy has moral scrutiny. Alan isn’t questioning his version of reality, yet. Sarah reacts with poisonous boredom. Joe, Yulia and Odin meet up. They stare moodily. Odin fatally infects Joe with doubt about Yulia. The country is a desolate hellscape full of empty buildings where people go to scheme.

Joe glares like a meerkat. There is fallout from events. Sarah justifies herself as working for the resistance in an occupied country. Bobby is still an intractable ass. Things are hellishly difficult for Joe and smatterings of unease are apparent. Thanks to Odin and his lie/truth - happiness doesn’t seem to be an emotion available to Joe. This was excellent.

Best Lines:
“Such loyalty you inspire.”

“Not this, never this.”

“Alan doesn’t have our training.”

“Says it demonstrates defiance.”

“No doubt, you have one too.”


“Russian. Short. Scary.”

“Things I’ve overlooked and forgiven. Well, no more.”

“Unwashed brethren.”

“So what have they been doing?”

“I want my Sarah back!”
“She was a fiction!”

“No visits. No cellmates. No parole.”

“Democracy is a confidence trick.”

“I had and a job and I failed because I was weak.”

Gone Elvis
A group of soldiers in Mali stumble across info that SOC funds bad guys. Ballard (Anna Friel) saves the information to a flash drive. Their boss (Treat Williams) is obviously evil. Stuff happens and the sunburnt Ballard broods. Private military led by Frank (Sherman Augustus of ‘Profit’) shows up and acts with staggering unoriginality. Meanwhile back in the USA, a lawyer named Peter (Peter Facinelli of ‘Twilight’ and ‘Nurse Jackie’) works for SOC. There are lots of characters and things happen without context such as a massacre, an IRS investigation and a G8 protest. There is iphone product placement, Ballard is captured and severely Rothian bastards plot. Bob the conspiracy nut hacks.

Ballard’s husband tears up when Task Force 24 is declared dead. Ballard has time to wincingly reflect. Bored rich boy Harrison is part of the Occupy movement and ruthlessly disparages everyone. There are secrets, gunfights, curtailed lives and Ballard ingratiates herself with a boy. The private military wear green despite Ballard claiming they wear black. This was unsubtle. A reporter named Ruby is not a reporter and bad stuff happens whenever she lurks. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You know this is big, right?”

“Thanks for coming down here to talk to us dirty hippies with our extreme views.”

“A big get.”

“Orders from whom Frank?”

“Spent the night in jail together.”

“I got a friend. Trashman.”

“Don’t do it out loud. You sound crazy.”

“What else could it be?”

“Get your hand off the door.”

“I waited some more.”

“That’s an enormous if.”

Oscar Mike
Ballard pretends to be a man. There are no working class watering holes in Mali. Peter cries. The Greek debt crisis plays a part. Ballard trusts badly and acts like an idiot. Harrison looks for Bob the conspiracy nut hacker. The wannabe Greek PM (Orla Brady of ‘Fringe’) lurks. This episode was titancially boring and obvious. Ballard’s family falls apart. Peter is arrested. Bob shows up. Kids are annoying. Ballard is in peril. I don’t care about Peter or Harrison. Ballard is nearly stoned to death as TPTB don’t understand the concept of understated. Bob is disconcertingly stupid and deletes a lifesaving email. Harrison is dumb and I don’t care about him and his filtered existence.

Best Lines:
“Sounded purposeful.”

“We will all be gone or in jail.”

“Stop yelling at me.”

Jesus Gonna Be There
Hep-V’s attack. There is chaos and Tara dies. Vampires are monsters, Bill lurks and he and Jessica should be dead. Who are all these characters? Everyone hates Sookie - she finds this disconcerting. I feel palpable relief. Someone sees Sam shapeshift. Sookie is hypnotic in her awfulness - she walks home alone at night, stumbles over a dead body and does nothing about it. The feckless Pam looks for Eric. Jessica gets away with her crap. Why do vampires keep getting away with their crap. Sookie whines. Who is Violet? Jason is sex obsessed and does the thigh gap Violet on a car hood. This was uncommonly ugly and loathsome. There is nudity, sex and Sookie needs to like, shut up. Arlene and Holly are hostages of the Hep-V’s. Andy hates Bill. Sookie rants.

Best Lines:
“Do not invite her in.”

“You shameful slut.”

“You have a human?”

“I trust you!”
“You shouldn’t.”

“Everyone I love leaves.”

“I’ll be in hell having a threeway with the devil.”

“We are all freaked by the Armageddon like situation we got going on here.”

“I trusted you before.”

“She ain’t in heaven!”

“We will never be good.”

“Don’t you put your hand on me Sookie Stackhouse.”

“You are not welcome!”
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