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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ trailer
Ethan jumps into a water tank, Brandt lurks not doing any stunts and the IMF is in peril again. Simon Pegg reminds us all that he is not a nerd. Slut wear is worn and Alec Baldwin calls the IMF disgraced. He has a point. People yell about the Syndicate, there is magic paper, kicking, the CIA and this looks good.

Best Lines:
“No oxygen tanks.”

“A minute ago, you were dead.”

“This is not going to end well.”

“Dissolve the IMF.”

“A mistake you may regret.”

“They know who we are.”

“Every wanton act of mayhem.”

‘Mr Holmes’ TV spot
Where is Watson? The man behind the myth does stuff.

‘Extreme Car Hoarders’ opening credits

Extra mature cheddar on gluten free oatcakes - yum.
Dairy free salted caramel - yum.
Chicken satay - yum.
Orange marmalade - okay.
Gluten free chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce - okay.

I am back from hospital, it was bloody horrible and that is all I’m going to say about that.

Dear relative: leave; stop giving unwanted advice on my health and shouting down the phone.

‘Anna Karenina’ (2012) was okay but she was awful.

Best Lines:
“I’m to be deprived of my wife so that adultery may be forgiven.”

“Sin has a price.”

“My sons are ashamed of me.”

“I saw everyone else notice.”

“You look like a capitalist.”

“You behaved improperly today.”

“I do not wish to forgive.”

Read ‘Elementary’ casting info. I no longer care.

They’re rebooting ‘Sister Act’?!?!

Vita, Sine literis, mors est - life without learning is death.

‘Person Of Interest’ season 5 is only 13 episodes? Is this the end?

Remember when Hugh Fearley-Whittingstall served placenta pate on focaccia in 1998?

‘Game Of Thrones’ Quote:
“All the things men do to show you how much they care.”

‘New Captain Scarlet’ Quotes:
“Enough to start a war.”
“And finish one.”

“Say hello to the scrap yard.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“We fight like men. Here is your trident.”

“Then living out of a van.”

“At the constant service of.”


“That all families conformed to, no questions asked.”

“Reasonably practical.”

“Need a stronger vindication.”

“The easy peace of received opinion.”


“Vomiting with the shock.”

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Quote:
“Longer than I’m proud of, Lily, longer than I’m proud of.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“An amazing ability to decide what counts as a scandal.”

“A word with particular potency.”

“The quiet desperation.”

“Something had gone seriously wrong.”

“Long-standing suspicion.”

“Due impartiality.”

“Waves of invective.”

“An injurious weed.”


‘FTWeeked’ Quotes:
“If you’re a millennial, a stamped letter in the mail is either a bill or it’s a communication from a stalker.”

“Prison would have been a doddle after Cheltenham Ladies College.”


“The conditional tense.”

“Desperately short of characters.”

“Who Warne has spent years denigrating.”

“A rotten, complacent job.”

“Taking no visible umbrage.”

“One resident recalls the perfume factory literally exploding.”


“Staging noisy barbecues.”

“Scared older people simply through their aura and presence.”

“They complain about everything.”

“Saucy audacity.”

“1990s grunge curtains.”

“Looking like Rasputin on his uppers.”

“A look of perpetual indifference.”

“Heart-tugging speeches.”

“Wholly uncritical.”

“Rogues, inadequate and oddballs.”

“Farcical attempts.”

“The crucial, and disturbing truth.”

“Finds it indecent to object.”

“Bilious internal monologues.”

“Purgatorial anywhere.”

“Rustic food looks depressingly prosaic in pictures.”

“Bestowing approval with carefully considered discernment.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad lies to Terese. Girlfriend stealer Daniel yells at Josh. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Amber? Lauren is annoyed Terese is back and hurls herself at Brad.

Best Lines:
“He does have that effect on people.”

“Just leave! Go!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sinead and Ste have a fight. She brings up Brendan and his domestic violence and the failed marriage to John-Paul. Oddly Doug isn’t mentioned. Ste regrets having sex with Sinead. Scott lurks. Cameron blackmails Dr S’avage who isn’t a doctor because he failed his exams yet somehow has a job. The new family has a secret. Cindy decides to write a sexy novel and is now a blonde. Sinead is hysterical. Ste does drugs. Sinead’s love is not undermined by reality.

There are new opening credits. Scott is in them along with a few randoms. Cameron opens up his food stall which is named after how smoking he is. Ste puts on his tracksuit and Sinead wants sex with him despite having just given birth. Dylan is leaving the show. Grace and her drag queen hair is going nowhere particularly fast. Wan gaze Jason has joined the police. John-Paul calls Ste “fragile” and tells Sinead to give up on Ste like he has. Sinead demands Ste care about their daughter so he gets violent with her like he did with Amy and Doug. Sinead resorts to bringing up her dead baby Katy. Ste still doesn’t want to be a family.

Celine is an ass. Nico moves back in with Sienna and plans to do her harm. They are mutually poisonous. Ste is all pouting self-regard. Sinead and Scott finally hit on the ultimate button pushing way to play Ste. He ignores John-Paul as he is incapable of taking an interest in him. Cindy’s a cow and off her medicine. When Sinead threatens to leave Ste off the birth certificate he suddenly decides he wants to be straight and have a family with her. Ste forgets Amy and embraces Sinead in what I am sure will be near fatal toxicity. I demand greater narrative cohesion. Nico is just like her mother. Reenie is played by Zoe Lucker - her acting has improved.

Best Lines:
“You caught the AIDS!”

“Disease riddled life.”

“Out spreading me disease?”

“You can be my pole.”

“I’m not that.”

“I am writing a sexy novel, not seeing dead people.”
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