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Book Reviews: Waking The Moon + The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4

Waking The Moon by Elizabeth Hand
This 1996 novel details weird goings on at a small university that involves secret societies, a blood cult, witchcraft, murders and a goddess. This was an utterly barren tale of men fearing women’s magic. There is talk about videodiscs, constantly shifting narrators and perspective changes. This book was a half baked, horrible, callow, self pitying, deadly serious tale of effusive awfulness and historical difficulties. It had toxic commentary, vituperation, unalloyed destructiveness and sexism.

Best Lines:
“If all those young men were like rushes a-growing
Then all those pretty maidens would get scythes, go a-mowing.”

“Eaten by killer ants!”

“The Cretan bee-goddess.”

“Well, it turns out very badly for boys like Oliver.”

“Old religions survived.”

“Who died and made you hierophant?”

“At that age, privilege and latent schizophrenia can look an awful lot like genius.”

“They always think women are up to something weird.”


The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾ by Sue Townsend
The classic 1982 novel by the late author. Adrian is 13 ¾ and a hypochondriac, precocious, wannabe intellectual. He deals with his infuriatingly working class parents, bullying school thug Barry Kent, BBC rejection letters, foul pensioner Bert Baxter and his love for Pandora. This was hilarious and touching.

Best Line:
“When my mother disclosed that she was leaving for Sheffield with Mr Lucas my father became uncivilized.”
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