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Primeval Season 3 Ep 5 review

A moron walks through an anomaly. Somehow he is able to breathe in the past. Then he investigates a scary noise and transmits a killer fungus into the present. The ARC lot act like morons as they fight fungus monsters that look like Swamp Thing. Becker is cute, nobody mourns Cutter, Connor is too stupid to live, Jenny is a cow and quits the team.

This ep was truly abominable, this show is now at the level of 'Bonekickers' lack of quality. The ARC still has terrible security even after Cutter's murder. Nobody mourns Cutter, I miss Cutter.

Best Lines:
"It's my life's ambition to fight dinosaurs."

"Good news: he's not technically dead. Bad news: he's turned into a mushroom."

"I'll never look at athlete's foot the same way again."
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