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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 1x03 + Person Of Interest 3x23 + Gotham 1x18 Reviewed

The Education Of A Magician
The Gentleman prances, extreme closeups show Marc Warren’s age. Emma’s indescribably raw pain and overtired face makes me not care. Emma tries to communicate her pain but nobody listens. Mr Norrell’s creepy servant lurks. The posho (played by the git from ‘Cucumber’) prances in his man clogs and hits the tacky meter. Mr Norrell and his creepy servant indulge in bro speak and have no emotions. Strange is in Portugal with Lord Wellington. I feel disinterested. Norrell is a loser and deserves zero respect. Strange is treated with anything but respect. Wellington rants presumably for seriousness and is played by the poor man’s Alan Rickman.

Emma tries to demonstrate the enduring horrors she endures. Mrs Strange has a dramatic inability to process information. Lord Pole has self-obsessed worry. Strange takes the self-righteous chair. There is death. This show feels insistently fake. Norrell’s creepy servant is a subversive force. This is a toxic mixture of exasperating and disconsolately. Strange raises the dead, Norrell is an ass and a violent and terrible reckoning is needed. Why won’t Norrell help Emma? Instead he isolates her further. The Gentleman shows someone a horrific vision but is it true? I was not emotionally over-involved in this. Norrell and others have alarming deficiencies in character and judgment. It is unsettlingly clear that all these people are selfish jerks.

Best Lines:
“The rabble must be kept away.”

“I always find it out.”

“This is your wedding dress?”
“Cut it up.”

“What does your ladyship sew?”
“Lost hope.”

“Is he still wherever he is?”

“Shooting squirrels.”

“Ask him how he considers we feed 200 men on 8 chickens.”

“Charms of their absent wives.”

“The king of lost hope.”

“Naturally they talk. They are women.”

“I did not ask for mist Merlin.”

“You have murdered me!”

“What on earth are you doing?”

“You have opened a door to hell and invited a devil into England.”

“I do not know how to make them dead again.”

“A magician is not an easy thing to kill.”

Deux Ex Machina
This episode has a palpable lack of energy. Vigilance is overripe. Root and her tanja legs plots. A ‘trial’ is held. There are flashbacks to 2010, 2012 and 2013 that show the lack of moral order and the growth of Peter‘s vindictive streak. What was Peter’s real name? We never learn. Greer is pertly odious. Peter is an angry out of control man. The beached whale is all malignant benignity. This was all undesirable characters and situations. It was a truly emptying experience with no strong moral content.

There is a twist, Greer has played a corrosive unseen role in Vigilance’s path, there no democracy just death. The beached whale and the Senator are fooled. The library has to be abandoned, Vigilance is wiped out and Team Machine has lost and has to part. There is Rinch subtext, Samaritan is online and I’ll be there for season 4.

Best Lines:
“Go how?”

“We’ve got a bunch of guys smashing up 5th Avenue.”

“We smash in the front door.”

“You’re not a free man anymore.”

“Gods are not easily born.”

“Tyranny like hell is not easily conquered.”

“Our paths diverge here.”

“It’s going to get worse.”

“This was never about turning it off.”

“Let there be life.”

“Destroy everything else.”

“This was never about winning.”

Everyone Has A Cobblepot
Bruce and Alfred lie to Gordon. The prison is run by the Dollmaker and is on an island - are we supposed to care? Fish plots irrespective of logic. Flass walks, Loeb supports him and where has the MCU gone? Harvey Dent shows up. I was unenthusiastic about this boring ep and its cumbersome plotlines that sit badly. Bullock lies. Gordon shrugs with despairing resignation and is audibly and characteristically seething. There is a lack of intellectual rigour in Fish’s polemics. Ed has no enacted empathy. There is bad sfx with the fate of Jeffrey Combs character. Cat-teen shows up to annoy. Bullock menaces someone. Penguin is asked for a favour and kills people. Fish plots. Miss Kringle dates. Gordon and Bullock uncover Loeb’s big secret.

Best Lines:
“I served with that bastard.”

“You seize control of the basement.”

“Which is what makes it worse.”

“Steals food from the sickies.”

“Gordon. Run.”

“A sign saying super secret blackmail horde.”

“I love living too.”
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