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Book Review: Hysteria

Reign: Hysteria by Lily Blake
This is wilful cultural imbecility full of wearying histrionics. This is the 2nd tie-in novel based on the wildly inaccurate historical drama. Kenna and the grave Bash are dispatched to deal with a witchcraft case. Francis and Mary brood. Nostradamus is non-existent. Catherine lurks. Mary wears disgustingly slutty outfits and is fawned over in entirely unmerited fashion. Mary was born to rule but was spectacularly inept at her role. Reprehensible behaviour is carried out. There is anachronistic dialogue and Francis has shrill tantrums and his fury stirs. Catherine is a sporadic presence. There are uncontrite witches and foreshadowing. I don’t care about Francis’ tendency to arrogance and intolerance. This was terrible. ‘Reign’ was renewed for a 3rd season! Now I just have to see season 2.

Best Lines:
“I’ve never known such a poisonous place.”

“God forbid this gets back to the Vatican.”

“That you had done bad things.”

“Ale? At breakfast.”

“I should have knocked.”
“Knocked on what?”

“It’s definitely an imbecile.”

“You will be remembered for centuries to come.”
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