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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Game’ 1x06 promo
Joe pulls a gun and there is overacting.

Best Line:
“How could we have missed this?”

‘Baby’s Day Out’ (1994) promo

‘Robin Hood’ (2006) opening credits

‘Taken 2’ promo

Gluten, wheat, dairy free Pecan Pie fruit and nut bar - good.
Garlic and herb Philadelphia - okay.
Un-pasteurised Danish Blue cheese - yum.
Gluten free lemon shortbread - okay.
Gluten free herb and seed oatcakes - okay.
Waldorf Salad - okay apart from the horrible raisins.
Cajun potatoes - okay.
Darker Chocolate fruit & nut bar with brazils and apricots - okay.

I loved the Hot Choc Masque but it was a mess to clean off.

I want to try Tipsycake cupcakes.

‘The Shipping News’ (2001) was bad.

I am reading ‘Crisis of Consciousness’.

Remember the 1986 Zammo does heroin storyline on ‘Grange Hill’?

‘Robin Hood’ (2006) had a greasy, unshaven Guy clad in black leather. A Maid Marian who wouldn’t shut her gob. Plus a Robin Hood who needed an as kicking, he was earnest and gormless and stifling - seeing it all as a jolly up.

Best Line:
“War has addled his brain.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I’ve never been heard.”

“I have emails.”

“Win the moment.”

“Making up the stress disorder.”

“Stop saying that.”

“Too ineffectual as a parent.”

“That’s not normal behaviour.”

“Don’t you do that.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“I didn’t trust the post.”

“They don’t seem to exist anymore.”

“A culture of judgment.”

“Bombardment by cosmic rays.”

“It tolls for thee, Maggie!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Its citizens don’t do manual labour.”

“Consecrated virginity.”

“Has a chronic problem with the lavish expenditure of others people’s money.”

“Repeated embarrassments have taught him nothing.”

“France is weary of him.”

“Unnecessary involvement.”

“Thwarted promise.”

“Could not forgive them their existence.”

“You eat skulls.”

‘CSI’ Quotes:
“I turn you all into mall cops!”

“Murder? Who died?”
“Your wife.”

‘Robin Hood’ (2010) Quotes:
“Tell the old fool that next time, I’ll break his door down.”

“You will be living in the hedgerow.”

“Carrion for foxes and crows!”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“A reasonably functional family.”

“Doomed unto eternity to bore others with half-baked reminiscences.”

“Isn’t pretty for either side.”

“A bee crawled into his ear. We tried to get it out but couldn’t. The only way was to drown it, and the only liquid we had to hand was a bottle of brown ale. So that was poured in and the bee floated out.”

“Hinted at his frustration.”

“An outcast society.”

“Low-rent pub vaudeville.”

“Vanilla sells.”

“Self-aggrandising sense of national destiny.”

“Defining himself in opposition to everything that was foreign.”


“Vein-popping apoplexia.”

“Moanbag culture.”

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ Quotes:
“Why exactly?”

“Lots of archaeology going on.”

“Some people would be grateful.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Where is my shed Bernice?”

“A homeless man is giving himself a sink bath.”
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