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The Game 1x05 + The Blacklist 2x22 Reviewed

The Game 1x05
The Fray bothers an ex-solider. Jim and Joe ponder the mole. Wendy goes undercover and is soppy and snarky. Bobby is a tedious berk. Kate gets out of prison. This wasn't pleasingly ominous, just ineffective. Joe has another flashback to the doting and disposable Yulia. There are bad Irish accents, maddeningly ambiguous characters and this was unamusing and laughably bad. Sarah and Alan have boring issues. The mole is revealed to be the obvious neckbeard. There is a bomb, raving and a great big reveal.

Best Lines:
“Go back to glaring at the furniture.”

“Are you quite alright Alan?”

“Bring in the specialist interrogators.”

“This nostalgia is what he exploited.”

“Assuming we still have jobs tomorrow.”

Masha Rostova (Tom Connolly (no.11))
This episode seems to have two titles. Cooper is out on his ear, Keen is dumb and her idiot back-story makes no sense. Her real name is Masha Rostova and she is the least pitiable character and her being visibly in thrall to Red doesn’t help her case. Ressler runs the task force now. Season 2 has got appalled negative notices but I will give season 3 a try. Red invests every line with sufficient irony. Why isn’t the FBI hunting him?

Ressler lets Keen go and then hunts her. Tom wants to help Keen, she doesn’t let him. Keen can’t act. What about her burn scar and the matching mark on Tom’s go box? Keen and Tom get it on. Cooper is made to look like an idiot. Red does resourcing. Why did he run off and become a criminal? Red does a slide show for investigative journalists. This ep was onerous. Keen knows but just one thing: vengeance and so she kills the evil AG after he threatens the task force. Ressler’s painkiller addiction is finally mentioned.

Keen has blown up her FBI career and Ressler gets his Tommy Lee Jones on. Keen recalls the night of the fire. Cooper is arrested, Tom sails away, ‘Rocket Man’ plays and Keen and Red go away. She’s ruined herself. And for what?

Best Lines:
“Conspiracy? Really?”

“If you run, what does that look like?”

“We get one chance to strike first, we will not get another.”

“That wasn’t deer blood on the windshield.”

“I’ll be back.”
“No, you won’t.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“The world you live in is the world they want you to think you live in.”

“We have a little something in mind for all of you.”

"You will be hunted down."
"I know."
"By me."
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