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Agents of SHIELD 2x22

S.O.S Part Two
The selectively unaccountable Coulson is strident. Cal is grim and unfailingly ineloquent. Women are the root of all evil in this dispiriting finale. Coulson has no moral capital. The stupendously vacant Skye and her delusion of eloquence is all banality. Cal is un-intimidating and puts his viciousness aside to help Coulson and his social dystopia.

Why does SHIELD have global renown? They are jerks. May is an axe wound. This episode wasn’t fearsome, just fundamentally flawed and SHIELD has no cultural hubris. Mack attacks Lincoln cos he is a bigot. Fitz tries to be tough and is cold, bleak and distant. More far reaching consequences are set in motion. Coulson is partriarchal. Mack wants to kill Gordon. Why? Women are treated with strange dispassion. Things go depressingly wrong.

Skye and her mom get spectacularly acrimonious and coercive tactics are employed due to an icy impasse. Things get much much worse. Ward’s patina of courtesy towards SHIELD is broken by his absolute devastation over Kara. Skye is the creator’s pet so gets to lead the Secret Warriors. May has moral failings. There is exposition spewing, stupid dialogue and bad green screen. Skye pollutes the global food supply. Gordon dies. Mack chops with his axe. Cal kills. Mockingbird gets to live. Coulson is still smug, cheap and obvious. Cal gets no human dignity. Ward rebuilds Hydra. Something happens to Simmons - is she an Inhuman? This was bland and boring.

Best Lines:
“Ginger ninjas.”

“How dangerous are we?”

“You’ve got this wrong, very wrong.”

“See what shakes loose.”

“It’s a big boat with poor signage.”

“You started this war.”

“We’re not bad, we’re misled.”

“Hail Hydra to that.”

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 1x02

How Is Lady Pole?
Magic is done. Mr Norrell is a prolific liar and his wig is bad. Strange won’t act in an unseedy manner and he is now married to Arabella. Emma has anxiety and distress, her husband doesn’t care. The sardonic vicious Gentleman (Marc Warren) prances, echo chambers and menaces a servant. Mr Norrell is an ignorant ass. There is no gothic romanticism just seething, bad acting and minimally changing facial expressions. This was short on magnificence and morality.

No epochal events take place just things of lesser importance. I’m not in thrall to the BBC’s shrinking ambitions. Norrell and Strange don’t have conscious exploitation of mutual interests. I’m not enamoured. Mr Norrell has some form of emotional disturbance and a ritualistic attachment to being boring in mental isolation. There is only one singular luminous idea in this episode and that was the sand horses - the rest was just irrelevant rubbish.

Norrell makes another disastrous plot, Strange doesn’t give in - ever and has self-confidence bordering on arrogance. The over zealous Norrell is a stubborn jerk full of bombastic insecurity and he is unethical and has an abundant ego. He makes empty claims of significance. Emma is unbearably difficult to live with and is treated with little ceremony.

Fates are prefigured. An un-foreboding fairyland that has no melancholy charge is shown. There are unnecessary monologues and this has no salience. The Gentleman is particularly toxic and nihilistic. Who was the Raven King? Strange is not a rogue adorable. This was overwrought and not raw or vivid just a meandering undercooked bad seriocomedy with cod-mystical dialogue. Two poshos plot and Norrell’s weird servant lurks.

Best Lines:
“To look after his uncle’s chickens.”

“God is wholly irrelevant.”

“You will do, will you not?”

“Norrell is no friend to me. I would be better dead than as I am.”

“I see rooms full of people and not a Christian among them.”

“He is just as stupid as the other one.”

“Our allies have discovered their mistake and become our enemies.”

“Norrell won’t be pleased.”
“Norrell never is.”

“It is so very dirty abroad.”

Person Of Interest 3x22

A House Divided
There are flashbacks to 2010 and the beginning of Vigilance and it shows how a man went from happy to cynical burnout. In the ‘present’, Root has minions. A Decima guy jumps off a roof. Reese whispers. Finch is menaced and is elegantly furious. Greer is denuded of interest. The beached whale Control draws the gang into her necromantic orbit. This show is losing its identity and integrity. This is not an astringent commentary.

Best Lines:
“Beware of false idols.”

“Both vague and dangerous.”

“This world needs structure.”

“That woman’s got friends?”

“Uncertainty. Your personal abyss.”

“Starting to smell like dude.”

Stalker 1x20

Love Wounds
Mira Sorvino’s character facilitates a consensus about a serial killer. Amanda’s toyboy ex Trent resurfaces. Jack seems to be stalking Beth now. Ben’s back. Mira Sorvino’s ex turns out to be a murderer and there is a cliff-hanger and that’s that.

Best Lines:
“Why do you take offence?”

“How could you misjudge to that extent?”

Gotham 1x17

Red Hood
Bank robbers rob and one wears a red hood. Reggie Payne (David O’Hara of ‘The Tudors’, ‘Wanted’ and ‘Doomsday’) who is an old SAS friend of Alfred’s shows up at stately Wayne Manor. Bruce is such a well mannered goob - he invites Reggie to stay. Fish meets a weirdo (Jeffrey Combs) and acts like she has power. TPTB have softened Bullock a lot. Penguin’s club is doing down, his visage is now tarnished. There is sexism. Cat-teen is a mouthy brat. Fish shows she has a terrible will. This is okay. Alfred has a past and his pal really is a jerk. Alfred gets stabbed and now Bruce cares. There is a nice twist regarding Reggie.

Best Lines:
“Is that guard blind or wasted?”

“What good’s it done you?”

“The short fat one.”

“If he lives.”
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