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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Hannibal’ season 3 trailer
Hannibal is in Paris and wears an ugly suit and calls the skank his wife. The slash fans must be apocalyptic.

‘Quantico’ season 1 trailer
A new show set at the FBI academy. There is an attack, a set up and one of the trainees is the mastermind. This leads to a quest to uncover the truth. Looks interesting.

Best Lines:
“49 more to go.”

“We had sex in your car 6 hours ago.”

“I’m not coasting on anything Taylor Swift.”

“Think about why you’re here.”

“I didn’t see this coming. No-one did.”

“Only you can fix it.”

‘American Odyssey’ promo

‘Jurassic World’ TV spot

‘Humans’ promo

Gluten free mini crackers - okay.
Made guacamole - yum.
Made baked eggs in avocado - yum.
Blood orange - okay.

Egyptians called cats miu or miut (he or she who mews).

Anyone recall the 1987 TV show ‘The Secret World Of Polly Flint’?

Deadshot was killed off on ‘Arrow’ because of ‘Suicide Squad’.

I am reading ‘Harrison Squared’.

I will review ‘Hannibal’ season 3 and may review ‘True Blood’ season 7 and 'American Odyssey'.

Dear relative: stop stealing food.

Clearly Canadian is coming back!

I recall the Funny Feet lolly.

Anyone recall the 1983 movie ‘Packin’ It In’ which toxic waste comes out of an LA family’s bathtub so they go live with survivalists in Oregon? It was funny.

The 2006 ‘Scary Movie 4’ was okay and it had a Dr Phil cameo.

Best Lines:
“Why doesn’t anyone have dryers?”

“I blame myself.”
“As well you should.”


“Another little white girl done fall down a well.”

“Wrong foot.”

The 2000 ‘Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th’ was okay.

Best Lines:
“Who is this?”
“The killer.”

“Do you like scary movies?”
“Oh what you mean like Spike Lee movies?”

‘CSI’ Quote:
“Flesh hungry psychopaths.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Depp can’t do permits.”

“The mass toddlerisation of our age.”

“Chucking any non-matching kitchenware that creeps into the family home straight in the bin.”

“Are we really facing a world without things?”

“Lust plus.”

“Emotional fallout.”

“A curated connection.”

“The other wife turning up on the doorstep.”

“Send me Agent Provocateur underwear at work.”

“Distracting blocks of dissatisfaction.”

“Clever and apposite.”

“Oddly miscellaneous.”

“They did not recognise the person that became famous.”

“Bumped into her lying in the gutter.”

“The rampant and obvious use of heroin and crack cocaine.”

“Continuous collapse.”

“A junkie without an income.”

“The Great Wall, built to keep them out.”

“Earned notoriety.”

“A form of cultural capital.”

“Feeling marginalised in her own home.”

“A fetid secret.”

“Whore’s droppings.”


“Going there ironically.”

“Too many parts of Europe ruined by tossers called Sebastian.”

“I don’t do contracts.”

“An eel farm.”

“Lifestyle wall.”

“Gnarled murderers’ fingernails.”

“Possible irrevocable damage.”

“Severely censured.”

“Crumbled into dust millennia before.”

“Decayed greatness.”

“Hold us in open contempt.”

“Ratty hairpieces.”

“Smart-casual sex-wear.”

“Nervous breakdown in a beard.”

“The ball gown made of rejected sofa material.”

“Terrible insipid honk-a-thon.”

“Increasingly grim procession of over-topiaried banjo twankers.”

“Their diseased tourist restaurant.”

“Deep cooing earnestness.”

“Utter pop garbage.”

“Anti-booing equipment.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“We’re buying our sign on the instalment plan.”

“Don’t clean DNA vials with your spit!”

“Math? I thought you said meth!”

“Noxious pork fumes.”

“Where excellence is in the dictionary.”

“Math on!”

“Ow, dammit!”

“Burn these.”

“Who frolic unclothed even in winter.”

“I like it when it’s not us.”

“You’re the mouth hand.”

“163 square haggis.”

“Apply the transparent tape.”

“Smart little fatso.”

“I learned not to drink out of the crik.”

“All my 11 dead siblings.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Drinks every day, all day.”

“Do you drive impaired?”

“You resent this woman?”

“I feel disgusted by my mother.”

“Want to physically hurt her.”

“Very combative.”

“Roommates that don’t like each other.”

“Why are you abusing me?”

“Beer is more important.”

“If you left, nobody would care.”

“Been bad, bad, bad.”

“Beyond sick of you.”

“Die. Go away.”

“Causes me to be angry.”

“Emotional warfare.”

“Drunken logic.”

“Face pattern.”

“Weak men.”
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