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The Game 1x04 + The Blacklist 2x21 Reviewed

The Game 1x04
The Fray is suspicious that their informant is hardly credible and that he has a complete disregard for the truth. Joe follows people. Sarah plays people in unflinching terms. Jim and Joe chat. Bobby is accused of doings on Hampstead Heath. The Fray menace people. Joe learns more about Odin and his purpose. There is no mention of Kate’s fate. Wendy tantrums. Joe doesn’t seem to speak Russian. Bobby’s mother yells. There is death, more muttering about a mole and Sarah and Alan have boring issues. A flashback reveals that Yulia has a son and Joe has no family. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“It was a misdirection from the start.”

“You repulse me!”

“Boxes is locked.”

“The party doesn’t approve of abstract art.”

“Running a cleaning route.”

“All with women who appear to be not their wives.”

“I was blanked!”

“Disgusting little pervert!”

“Still dependant on the tranquillisers?”

“Any other ghastly euphemism?”

Karakurt (no. 55)
Tom still has his tattoos and Keen constantly orchestrates opportunities to meet him. Keen is dumb for an FBI agent. Red won’t discuss Keen’s past in soviet detail until it’s too late. The cabal plot. Why does no-one have long time misgivings about Red and the cabal? Keen learns her mother is a myth. The evil AG puts Cooper in an untenable situation. The cabal have no issues with collateral attacks. Red lectures Cooper. There are copious rip-offs from ‘Salt’. Red tells the FBI how to do their jobs. There is a massive twist and Keen’s still stupid. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“We’re way past that.”

“We take our clothes off at some point.”

“Five feet of vinyl garden hose.”

“Don’t have one shred of credible information.”

“Alcoholic probably.”

“The FBI couldn’t find you for 20 years. But they did.”

“Certainly would have gotten someone’s attention.”

“Just melted down.”

“Now they will come for you.”
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