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Movie Review: Passed Away (1992)

This okay movie which plays like a TV pilot stars Bob Hoskins, Blair Brown, Tim Curry, Frances McDormand, William Petersen, Nancy Travis and Teri Polo. The family patriarch dies and his eldest son Johnny (Hoskins) has to take care of the clan. Younger brother Frank (Peterson) is stupid, jokes are made about Johnny dying next and Sara Rue of ‘Popular’ plays one of Johnny’s ignored children. The bad sister (Pamela Reed of ‘Jericho’ and ‘Everwood’) was married to a jerk (Tim Curry). Frank’s daughter (Polo) is knocked up by a preppie (Dan Futterman).

Johnny ignores his wife Amy (Brown of ‘Fringe’) to chase after Cassie (Nancy Travis). Johnny’s good sister Nora (McDormand) is a nun. Johnny suddenly wants to abandon his wife and run off with Cassie. Johnny seems to forget his children exist. Johnny treats his wife grudgingly and in a totally unwarranted manner. Frank has a useless union subplot. Johnny’s plot ties up when Cassie doesn’t want him so he goes back to his wife, PTB and their dubious gender politics. This was okay but facile and bush-league with no emotion and childbirth in a graveyard.

Best Lines:
“Is that the depth of your emotion?”

“My son Tony was mugged by a gang of transvestites.”

“I’ll be watching for you!”

“What kind of poor?”

“She put out.”
“So did I.”

“You’re a communist?”

“Thick as a brick.”

“Spare me the talk show psychology.”

“Beautiful teeth.”

“Why do you love me?”

“I’m still wrong.”

“Insipid little burg.”

“He’s really illegal.”

“Low budget Kennedy charm.”
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