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Movie Review: White Bird In A Blizzard (2014)

This was an okay but flawed adaptation of Laura Kastschke’s out of print novel. It opens in 1988 when Catriona’s unloved neurotic mother Eve (Eva Green, overacting at Joan Crawford levels) disappears. Catriona (Shailene Woodley of ‘Divergent’) doesn’t care. Her dad Brock (Christopher Meloni of ‘Carriers’ and ‘Law & Order: SVU’) seems perpetually depressed. Catriona has dreams and boffs her himbo neighbour Phil. The cop (Thomas Jane) is seemingly useless. Brock and his horrible moustache broods, Eve drank and had contempt for her husband and despised the orgy of conformity. Naturally too late Catriona will realise the meaning of the dreams and realise she made a lot of false assumptions. But while this starts out well, it becomes a chore getting to the end.

Catriona lies to her shrink (Angela Bassett) and hangs out with her friend Beth. Catriona isn’t empathetic just crude and in one scene, overly fond of crimping her hair. Catriona seduces the cop and frigging hated her mother because Eve was hysterical, jealous and a terrible mother. Things get kind of seedy. People have a propensity for doing bad things.

Time passes and it is 1991 and Catriona is still doing dumb things and has an insatiable attitude for shafts. The nerdy hillbilly looking Brock has a new girlfriend May (Sheryl Lee). Catriona finally realises what she has been denying all along. This has a ‘twist’ and just ends. It’s okay.

Best Lines:
“Always hearing strange noises.”

“Crazy mom’s imagining things again.”

“I don’t love your father; I can’t stand him as a matter of fact.”

“Plan the emptiness of days to come.”

“He would always be pathetic.”

“My parent’s marriage was like a long drink of water from a frozen fountain. So cold it turned your teeth to diamonds.”

“I will not be dismissed by the likes of you!”

“We get it already.”

“What reeks?”

“Don’t just stand there! Plug it back in!”

“The future bores me.”

“Pisshole of a town.”

“He lit a trashcan on fire and he tossed it onto their patio.”

“This rancid hellhole.”
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