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Book Reviews: The Book Of The Dead, part 2 + Yesterday's Son

The Book Of The Dead edited by Jared Shurin, part 2

In this tale, Egyptian scholars travel to Jutland in 1333 to examine a bog body. The scientists cause disorder wherever they go. They are so hostile and offensive you don’t care. There is a twist and this was okay.

Best Line:
“Everything is wrong!”

The Curious Case Of The Werewolf That Wasn’t, The Mummy That Was, And The Cat In The Jar
By the deplorable Gail Carriger. In Victorian times various people run around Egypt as disorder accompanies them. This has some interesting ideas but little clarity and shows the basic failings of Carriger’s scribbling.

Best Lines:
“Do I know that repulsive-looking blighter?”

“Turned sour on us in the end. Most things do.”

The Cats Of Beni Hasan
I felt relative indifference for this insufferably ridiculous story done in the poorest possible taste.

Cerulean Memories
A freaky man rotting morally promotes false understanding. Creepy.

Inner Goddess
A student in a ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ type injurious relationship with her pervert teacher decides to end the inegalitarian relationship in staunch fashion. Okay.

The Roof Of The World
Russians are infinitely discontented and I was discouraged from caring about their ill courses.

The art of mummification in the facebook age. This was creepy and excellent.

Best Line:
“They key I figured, is to keep your mouth shut and stare.”

Star Trek #8: Yesterday’s Son by A.C. Crispin
This 1980s novel has jokes about Kirk’s weight and bad singing. Spock finds he fathered a son 5000 years in the past in the ep ‘All Our Yesterdays’ and acts disenchanted, spreading negativity and disillusionment to the detriment of his son. Spock and co travel through the Guardian Of Forever to get his son, Zar. It’s really rather disturbing what an ass Spock is. This reads like fanfic. This has a spelling mistake, tapes, readout paper and bizarre telepathic contrivances. Romulans attack and who is the person cares for? What is a black star? Why is Kirk such a selfish ass? This ends in a way that makes Spock and co look stupid. This was dull and silly and regrettably reads as if part of a frantic contest for mediocrity. This had a sequel ‘Time For Yesterday’ - avoid it and this.

Best Lines:
“What is now, must be.”

“Elucidate, please?”

“As far as we know, their culture is a kind of military theocracy.”

“Nothing but some burned out suns, and an even more burned-out planet.”

“I’d have sworn you were agonal.”

“They lack intellectual curiosity.”

“I suppose the situation could be worse - but frankly I can’t think how.”

“Sheeps, sir!”
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