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The Sentinel (1996 - 1999) 2x02 +The Flash 1x22 +Supernatural 9x20 +Revenge 4x23 Reviewed

Out Of The Past
Singer Angie Ferris sings and is menaced by escaped convict Ray Weston (Mark Pellegrino of ‘The Tomorrow People’, ‘Revolution’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Lost’). He is a crazy stalker with 90s hair. Blair shouts down a huge mobile phone. There is a fight and Jim goes through a window. ‘The Bodyguard’ is ripped off and there is a non twist. Weston also has a huge phone. Angie has dumb kid named Pam - is she Weston’s? There is yelling and a stupid showdown and Weston dies. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“He’s a major league psychotic.”

“The last group worth listening to was Santana.”

“They said you escaped from prison.”

“Mom doesn’t like you anymore.”

“You always lie to me.”

Rogue Air
Fake Wells enunciates and seems to be making mistakes. Iris and Barry are intensely dislikeable. Barry goes on and on about his mother. Joe won’t shut up. Cisco found future tech hidden in fake Wells’ wheelchair - was that why he faked being paralysed? The particle accelerator is turned back on. How did fake Wells rebuild it without anyone noticing? The gang finally realise where fake Wells is hanging out. They keep calling him Wells. Joe won’t stop yelling. Barry is a self righteous hypocrite and makes an irrational deal with Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Golden Glider (Peyton List).

Barry and co have no concern for Eddie. Iris is infuriating with her emotional adultery and lack of personal responsibility. Barry is stupid and wants to send the metahumans to Lian Yu. What gives him the right? There is not enough fake Wells in this. Barry is arrogant and this episode was incommodious. Eddie is sick of Iris and her drama. Captain Cold just wanders into STAR labs and Joe won't stop yelling while Barry has no accountability.

There is bad acting and Barry does more stupid crap. Golden Glider calls Snow uptight. I’d rather be watching ‘Angel Flight Down’. There is a ‘Green Lantern’ reference. The metahumans escape and things degenerate. Captain Cold betrays Barry and this was neither subtle nor entertaining. Barry has no abjection contrition or ethically based decision making. Everything he does has proved disastrous. Fake Wells lurks. Oliver and Firestorm show up for no reason. How did Oliver get there?

Fake Wells’ suit comes out of his ring. There is a ridiculously stupid fight. How did Oliver have an anti Reverse-Flash arrow? This was terrible. Oliver lives to be 86 apparently. Fake Wells takes a fall onto a car. Ouch. Maybe he’s just lulling them. Barry is childish. This was dumbed down, infantilised and not challenging.

Best Lines:
“People love their labels.”

“I do and it is.”

“What is wrong with you?”


“You couldn’t even die right.”

“Some lunatic from the future.”

“You see me as the villain.”

“Oh, I can’t?”

“I got you.”

Where is the Colt? How do they get money? Never mind those long unanswered questions instead we get this horrendous attempt at a spin-off that was poorly recieved understandably. Ennis sees strange things and loses his fiancée all in one night. Irritating Calvin Klein models pout. A killer wields a silver weapon. Sam and Dean show up to annoy because that is how they behave. There is melodramatic hardcase dialogue and bad acting. Five monster families run Chicago (shifters, genies, werewolves and the other two are unmentioned). The monsters have unsubtle parallels with Sam and Dean.

A nasty werewolf is a sexist bully to his sister Violet. Ennis finds his dead cop’s father silver ammo. There is a monster nightclub and Ennis has a cop pal who keeps secrets. David a shifter is nonchalant and a horrible controlling git. He and Violet have a doomed love. The women in this episode are either disposable, absent or irritating annoying obstructions. There is bad diction, stupid fake werewolf teeth and murder. Sam still can’t act, Ennis decides to become a hunter and then his dead daddy calls. This was horrible in every way.

Best Lines:
“Let’s talk about last night.”

“Keep our blood pure.”

“Monster mob situation.”

“We don’t pay you for maybe.”

“What’s with NRA Christmas in here?”

“You’re out. Stay out.”

“Your job is to be pretty and silent.”

“We don’t matter.”

“Godfather with fangs.”

“Won’t the doggies be mad?”

“She was in the way.”

“I only see one monster here.”

Two Graves
Victoria has faked her own murder and framed Emily. Everything Emily did was useless because David turned out to be a gullible useless fool. Ben’s dead. Who is Ben? Is Jack still a cop? Everyone hates Emily. Victoria and French chick plot against Emily. Patrick stays gone. Nolan and Jack plot a prison break. Victoria recalls her awful mother (Adrienne Barbeau) who somewhat justifiably criticised her parenting skills. Emily walks out of the slammer. Louise yaps. Victoria attends her own funeral unnoticed.

Jack and Emily boff in Victoria‘s dead mother‘s bed. Somehow Jack overlooks the whole fake Amanda marriage thing and she has forgotten Aiden. An assassin named White Gold (Courtney Love) lurks being inept. White Gold’s stunt double fights people. Louise helps Emily for no clear reason. French chick is menaced by Nolan and shrieks and blubbers. French chick decides to take responsibility. Victoria is smug and finally dies. Emily is shot, again.

None of this makes any sense. Charlotte resurfaces. David dies of the dying in ridic fashion. Emily decimated the Grayson clan but Charlotte doesn’t seem to mind. Jack and Emily marry and Jack’s mother (Gail O’Grady) attends along with Jack’s oft forgotten son Carl Jnr. Emily’s dress is ugly. At the reception Jack recalls Declan, real Emily (you know his murdered first wife), Carl Snr, Aiden, Ben and David. Does anyone recall Frank? Nolan gives Jack a new Sammy. Jack and Emily sail off and Nolan is tasked to help a new revenge quest. This was good, ridiculous but good.

Best Lines:
“The corpse I passed off as my own was my mother.”

“In rehab, again.”

“Cruel loathsome bitch.”

“Emily is coming for us.”

“Where will you go?”
“Someplace you cannot come.”

“You in danger girl!”

“You die slower.”

“Bad call.”

“Far from innocent.”

“Amanda Clarke said you could help me.”
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