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The Young Ones Series 1 Review, Part 2

Ep 3: Boring
The gang are bored, as are the viewers. An argument over whether to watch 'Oh, Crikey' or 'Bastard Squad' fails to alleviate the dullness. Even a meeting with Vyvyan's mother doesn't enliven the day. They somehow overlook a siege in their house, Neil summoning a demon and a UFO. There was no excitement to this episode and it was thoroughly mediocre.

Best Lines:
"Neil, do me a favour."

"Let's play Daleks!"

"Bloody hippie food!"

Ep 4: Bomb

A bomb falls into the gang's slum dwelling and Mike didn't pay the tv licence. So in-between plotting what to do about the bomb, Vyvyan has to eat the tv to avoid the evil tv licence man. This was okay.

Best Line:
"I won't say anything cause no-one ever listens to me anyway. I might as well be a Leonard Cohen record."

Ep 5: Interesting
Rick wears some truly hideous yellow dungarees as the gang throw a party. Mike dresses as Adam Ant. The housemate's casual cruelty towards Neil grows. This was a bit of an uh.

Best Lines:
"It's a hippie, isn't it?"

"The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Famine! Pestilence! Death! And the other one!"

"If you want a fight, Neil's in the lounge."

Ep 6: Flood
Vyv invents a potion that turns whoever drinks it into a homicidal maniac. Naturally their landlord drinks it and chases them with an axe. Meanwhile London floods, Vyv finds Narnia in the wardrobe and SPG swims for it. This was a good ep.

In general the quality of series 2 was far superior to that of series 1.

Best Line:
"I'm bored, might as well be listening to Genesis."
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