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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

'Scream Queens' trailer
Revenge on campus. Emma Roberts is evil. Nick Jonas! Oliver Hudson! I'll give this a try.

Best Lines:
"I hate you."

"Somebody just mowed off a girl's head."

"Evening idiot hookers!"

‘Poltergeist’ TV spot
Clown doll remake. No.

‘The Death Of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened’ trailer
A documentary on Nicolas Cage’s illfated 1998 ‘Superman’ movie and the costume looks bizarre.

Best Line:
“People were scared of this movie.”

‘Supernatural’ 9x20 promo
Five monster families run Chicago and I’ll bet they’ll never be mentioned on the show again.

‘Supernatural’ 10x23 promo
Dean’s bad, Sam’s selfish and Castiel bores. Crowley is fat, there are teeth, filters and Death has a scythe. Why won’t this show end?

‘A Murder Of Crows’ (1998) trailer

‘Nowhere To Run’ (1993) trailer

‘The Corrupter’ (1999) trailer

‘Three Fugitives’ (1989) trailer
Hell no.

‘Arthur 2: On The Rocks’ (1988) trailer

‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 promo
“Everybody can’t be bad.”

‘Dark Shadows’ (2004) unaired pilot clip
Big eyes, pained faces and mumbling. No.

‘Outlander’ opening credits
Nice opening credits but she is still a tramp.

I’d like a certain relative to stop asking rude intrusive questions about my illness.

Gluten free Chicken Harissa BAP - yum.
Gluten free chocolate chip cookies - okay but a bit sawdusty.

I finally got some lemon and mint SanPellegrino!

Read spoilers for series 3 of ‘The Musketeers’ - sounds tired.

Judd Nelson on ‘Empire’ looks old and short of breath.

Nicholas Brendon arrested, again. Sigh.

Anyone else recall the really terrible 1995 - 1996 TV show ‘Deadly Games’?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers swigging vodka on the street was sad.

‘Timecop’ (1994) was okay. ‘The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal’ (1979) was terribly sad and ‘Caroline?’ (1990) about a woman who claims to be the presumed deceased daughter of a rich man was good.

‘Empire’ Quotes:
“I don’t do taxes.”

“Boo boo kitty.”

“That’s foul.”

“Should I remember you?”

“That fake-ass pimp.”

“Shooting rats in-between takes.”

“To forgive me?”

“His misfortune.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“But it was you.”

“Disturbed the nation.”

“And laughed.”

“I don’t like strippers.”

“Riding the hot mess express.”

“Starting drama with me every day.”

“I do not even use meth.”

“You all 3 ho’s.”

“I followed you home.”

“A troll like you.”

“Driven you to your stripper job.”

Teen Mom OG’ Quotes:
“I don’t get paid to produce.”

“I can’t trust a lot of my old friends.”

“He’s very very absent.”

“Like I’m somebody off the street.”

‘Time Tunnel’ (2002) Quotes:
“I like you better this way.”

“Only go where the storm takes us.”

“What I lost I lost.”

‘Jane The Virgin’ Quotes:
“What do you think I do for a living?”

“Two thousand dollars would probably help.”

“Sweet. Make out time.”

“You’re disgusting Tom.”
“Hence his nickname.”

“Petra cheated on me with my dead best friend.”

“No closet.”

‘The Hangover’ Quotes:
“Except for herpes.”

“That’s why you’re single.”

“You better walk on.”

“He’s like a gremlin.”

“No. I’m not good with that.”

“Did Caesar live here?”

“Who brought this guy along?”

“She’s strong willed. I respect that.”

“It’s not a man purse.”

“Looking for strippers and cocaine.”

“Make him stop!”

“Give me the knife, slowly.”

“Threw his bed out the window last night.”
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