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Book Reviews: The Thorn Of Dentonhill + The Book Of The Dead, part 1

The Thorn Of Dentonhill by Marshall Ryan Maresca
This is the start of a new fantasy series and I liked it, a lot. Veranix Calbert leads a double life. He is a magic student by day and by night he is a vigilante battling the low rent crime boss Fenmere. In the course of his heroing, Veranix gets his hands on two magical artefacts and inadvertently kicks off even more trouble.

This was very good; Veranix naturally has trauma in his past so beating up drug dealers is good for his emotional recovery. The world building intrigues with hints of wars, religious issues and a Revolution that have taken place. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“Nothing happens in Dentonhill that Fenmere ain’t behind.”

“I already hit you with a tree. That was a hint to leave.”

“Shut your screaming mouth,”

“Quiet, harlot!”

“No arcane corners.”

The Book Of The Dead edited by Jared Shurin, part 1

Ramesses On The Frontier/Escape From The Mummy’s Tomb/Old Souls
Three incomprehensible tales of modern day mummies. All were overdone and dull.

Her Heartbeat, an Echo
A museum security guard falls in love with a mummy. This was good but needed more meat on the bones.

Mysterium Tremendum
A tale of mummies and magic in Arkham. Okay.
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