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Arrow 3x23 + The Game 1x03 + The Blacklist 2x20 Reviewed

My Name Is Oliver Queen
I am done with this nonsensical show. The endless O/F crap, Oliver stupidity and the way TPTB piss on Tommy’s grave. Ra’s waves his fancy finger bling. The gang of morons aren’t dead and learn Oliver trusted Malcolm more than them. Malcolm murdered Tommy and nobody seems to remember that. The Flash shows up for some reason, Felicity lets everyone know who the Flash is and the Flash is stupid. Tatsu is done and the dumb bint Felicity bitches and whines. Oliver kills people, Ra’s rants and Oliver has moral failings.

Ra’s continues to be vaguely threatening in dimly lit scenes. I hate Oliver and his insolent self-importance. So is Diggle and he punches Oliver. People mutter about Darhk. There is fighting, Lance finally resurfaces and he is drinking again. Laurel spews patently false crap. Oliver sulks about the uncontrollable repercussions of his stupidity and drools over Felicity in front of Ray. Where is Sin? Starling City has a dam? Thea shows up in a Red Arrow outfit - she’s an attack midget! Nyssa and Black Canary wander around. Ra’s and Oliver fight again.

Felicity won’t shut up and asks her ex to save Oliver. Ra’s comes to a crap end and is dispensed with too easily. There is bad CGI, Felicity flies around in the ATOM suit and Malcolm is the new mystagogue Ra’s. There is no justice for Tommy and Sara. Nyssa rejoins the League for some reason and kneels to Malcolm. Gross. Oliver makes a speech full of sap and is giving up heroing to run off with Felicity. Diggle leaves as he won‘t grudging tolerate Oliver. Tommy would have been Oliver’s rock if Oliver hadn’t got him killed. Felicity rubs the F/O in Ray's face. There is no mention of Tommy. WTF is wrong with Oliver? Ray blows up his building. Oliver and Felicity go on a road trip and she won’t shut her mouth.

In the endless useless Hong Kong flashbacks; nobody wondered what happened to Shado’s twin sister, the General (Marc Singer) was menaced by the miserable Oliver, Maseo killed the General and wandered off after suffering an obliteration of personality. Oliver decided not to go home because of his manpain. Oh boo hoo, die you punk.

Best Lines:
“The annihilation of one’s home.”

“Why aren’t we dead?”

“Thank and you.”

“I am overdue for a very pointed conversation with Harrison Wells.”

“Not this time.”

“I approve.”

“The city’s under attack. Must be May.”

“He is the weapon.”

“I will see it undone.”

“Try not to kill anyone else.”

“Try to imagine my profound disappointment.”

“Your goal all along.”

“Funny thing prophecies.”

“You are welcome to try.”

The Game 1x03
Joe smokes all the time and follows Kate the girlfriend of the US defence attaché. The US secretly has nukes on UK soil. Kate escapes a train toilet and menaces Joe with a broken bottle. She is MI6 and is hard faced and smug. The Chinese dancer dances and is misused by Daddy. Jim is resolute, Bobby preens, Sarah cries and who is George and why is he insulting Alan? Wendy is a moron and wears a wine coloured ribbed polo neck. Joe has a flashback to Yulia. The Fray is obsessed with the idea of a Soviet invasion. Kate is humbled, Daddy glowers and acts vengefully. Alan learns Sarah is lying. There is a revelation. This was very good but what about Kate?

Best Lines:
“Do whatever ungodly things you like to whomever you like.”

“Detained by bears.”


“Sod Harrods.”

“Jumped up little harridan.”

“You devastate me.”

“A regrettable day.”

“One of your hoover salesmen.”

Quon Zhang (no. 87)
Tom and Keen bond. The slightly dubious snide Red growls monosyllables. Keen is dim-witted and has her haughty face on. There is body stealing, bad CGI and the characters have lesser moral status. Keen has notions well above herself and finally learns about her mother. There are knockoffs of ‘Alias’ and ‘Bones’. Keen is Russian, Red obscures details and this is all artificiality and no longer lean and efficient. Ressler has no weary intensity, Navabi has skewed moral conventions, Red is all deeply unacceptable jollity and society’s defects are obvious. There is escalating mayhem, this is aimed at the lowest base and this ep is all shallow staging. People are inelegantly distressed, the AG is evil at 1970s sitcom levels and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“Lose the shovel.”

“How gone?”

“Two viciously rapacious ex-wives.”

“Your weird little apartment.”

“Mail-order corpse bridges.”

“Prosperity notes.”

“He’s already here.”

“The situation is much, much worse than you think.”

“A quaint term.”

“You’re not understanding me Harold.”
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