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Movie Reviews: Straw Dogs + In The Loop

Straw Dogs (2011)
A couple move to the wife’s hillbilly horror hometown of Blackwater in this unnecessary remake. The wimp husband David (James Marsden) is drawn into a feud that involves James Woods, his wife’s ex Charlie (Alexander Skarsgard of ‘True Blood’) and a local idiot (Dominic Purcell). You watch this and you don’t see talent in front of you.

I’ve never see the original. The wife Amy (Kate Bosworth) tries to be happy, David does not fit in and Charlie wears shirts with the sleeves ripped off and is all disconcerting creepy menace. Davd is not met with overwhelming social approval and there is a hostile environment. He is humourlessly dumb and bafflingly neutral. Revelations is read, the local idiot has a crush on a teenager (it’s Thea from ‘Arrow’) and David does not make friends, in fact he alienates everyone. David is an anti-violence wimp and wants to get one over on the rednecks. Things get sleazy and dubious and a mob forms. There is death, violence and no sense or reason.

Best Lines:
“That stuff poor people use for money.”

“Charming eccentricities.”

“Deepfried pickle.”

“Amy’s living good.”

“You’re not one of them.”

“Maybe you should wear a bra.”

“We know our cars and our guns.”

“Must be the global warming you educated guys keep talking about.”

“What if our daddy saw that?”

“Pump us full of some God.”

“God stands with you.”

“This here’s mine.”

“Get outta here.”

“You need to get.”

In The Loop (2009)
Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi of ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘World War Z’) does his screechy psychotic bits as the UK and USA think about going to war somewhere. The film has the emotional and intellectual depth of a puddle. It has grim lessons in politics and the anger never leaves Tucker who is less polite than ever. There is war mongering and yapping. Tucker, ugly Americans, an angry General and a useless Minister do stuff. This 'Thick Of It' spinoff was okay.

Best Lines:
“Thick white duke.”

“Give him a thump, that usually works.”

“Raising its pooy head again.”

“It cannot be done and it will not be done.”

“I’m sweating spinal fluid.”

“Creepy little gay mercenary.”

“Slightly mentally dispossessed.”

“The big one is diarrhoea.”

“No you do not think that!”

“Try not to annoy Russia.”

“He’s still alive.”

“Butch and gaydance.”

“Glass offices, in my opinion, are for perverts.”

“Fish ass.”

“She’s married? Poor bastard.”

“The crossest man in Scotland.”

“Carry out a cavity search.”

“Be here now.”

“I’m standing my ground, on the verge.”

“Be more visible.”

“Some knife crime.”

“Smelling like a pissed seaside donkey.”

“I will marshal all the media forces of darkness to hound you to an assisted suicide.”
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