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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Jem And The Holograms’ trailer
This is nothing like the 80s cartoon!

Best Lines:
“This is us?”
“No. It’s photoshop.”

‘The Flash’ 1x23 promo
Barry cries, oh piss off. Joe. Nora. Not impressed.

‘Scream: The TV series’ promo

Best Line:
“Sounds dead in there.”

‘Supergirl’ promo
Kara, Cat Grant, a plane in peril, James Olson and this looks good.

Best Lines:
“You may know his story but you don’t know mine.”

“Have them reprimanded or bathed.”

“That’ll be new and different.”

“Up, up and away.”

‘Damien’ (2016) promo

‘Convoy’ (1978) promo

‘Alive’ (1993) trailer

I am reading ‘How To Ruin A Queen’.

I will review ‘Breakfast With Scot’, ‘Sacraments Of Fire’, ‘Hysteria’, ‘The Moorstone Sickness’, ‘When The Heavens Fall’, ‘Within These Walls’, ‘Judas Ghost’, ‘Knight Of Shadows’ and ‘Harrison Squared’.

My illness led to me seeing a doctor and having a ‘procedure’ scheduled for next month. Am scared.

Gluten, wheat and dairy free chocolate brownie - yum.
Gluten free bagel chips - yum.

Cherry chapstick smells nice.

Anyone else recall the book series ‘Vampire Beach’? No? Good.

Tom Ellis has a new TV show, no, I’ve gone right off him.

The 1987 film ‘The Hidden’ was good. ‘The Stepfather’ was okay but ‘Hope And Glory’ and ‘Angel Heart‘ ? Not so much.

The Bercow story could be a soap opera.

They’re remaking ‘The Craft’ and ‘The Fugitive’?

‘Thirteen: Horrors Of Halloween’, ‘Time Wars’, ‘House Shudders’, ‘Red Jack’, ‘Cults of Horror’, ‘Mummy Stories’, ‘Phantoms’, ‘Back From The Dead’, ‘Christmas Bestiary’, ‘Christmas Ghosts’, ‘The Book Of Kings’, ‘Warrior Fantastic’, ‘Oceans Of Magic’, ‘Star Colonies’, ‘Flights Of Fancy’, ‘The Fortune Teller’, ‘Vampires’, ‘Future Wars’, ‘Olympus’ and ‘Conqueror Fantastic’ are all out of print DAW anthologies I’d love to read.

Love And Theft need to stop making music.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Use your patient voice.”

“Involved in eight legal cases in a decade.”

“Unacceptable strategy.”

“Who done it.”

“Admit what he done.”

“Absolute necessity.”

“Utterly unsustainable.”

“An irredeemable loss.”

‘Profit’ Quotes:
“Here just take my money. Set it on fire!”

“I’m an orphan.”
“Count your blessings.”

“I don’t have any respect for you.”

“Our little Lucifer.”

‘Teen Mom’ Quotes:
“She didn't get the little gesture.”

“You don’t even want the kid!”

“He’s like a leech.”

“More better for Sophia.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I even offered her a hundred dollars a month to leave my house.”

“Don’t have a complaining witness.”

“Endure the consequences of her choices.”

“Lock her out.”

“You can either go willingly.”

“You don’t have a choice anymore.”

“You’re wasting my time on every level.”

“I’m not saying any words.”

“Stupid and ignorant.”

“What is true?”

“Some inferior ridiculous human being.”

“Arguing for the last three years. Screaming. Tearing up the house.”

“Does 79 ring a bell?”

“Police having to come to the house several times a week.”

“Your assertion.”

“Go to arsenal of insults.”

“Daily abusive episodes.”

“She controls the house.”

“Parenting fails.”

“She sleeps all day.”

“Partner in parenting.”

“I really wish they would kick her out of the house.”

“She threw a glass thing.”

“Nothing you can do to fix it.”

“You do not love me!”

“He walks free today.”

“What is wrong with you girl?”

“Did you shoot up a teacher’s house?”

“Don’t ask me no more.”

“Sounds shady.”

“You’re selling your blood.”

“Get off the internet.”

‘How To Ruin A Queen’ Quotes:
“And, on occasion, threatened to abdicate and wall herself up in a convent.”

“Empowered to enter people’s houses and arrest anyone suspected of being an opera singer.”

“If I conversed only with my equals, I should have to spend my days in the imperial vault.”
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