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Person Of Interest 3x20 + Gotham 1x15 + Stalker 1x18 Reviewed

Death Benefit
The machine is now public. Season 3 has been patience draining. Root and her lack of appropriate responses bores. Samaritan is a sword which is abominable apparently. The POI is a congressman (John Heard). Reese does not like Verdi. There is Reese/Finch subtext. Reese is gun happy and has unvarying melancholy. Reese fakes being a Secret Service agent. This show needs revitalising and re-energising. Greer lurks. This ep was not sustainable and seemed to be a ‘House Of Cards‘ knock off. Where have the flashbacks gone? There is a ‘twist’ and a distressing situation.

Best Lines:
“I miss you like I miss an intestinal parasite.”


“These are strange times.”

“Because we’d be dead Mr Reese.”

“You call this music?”

“Define comfortably.”

“Dissenting voices will not be a problem.”

“You there Finch?”
“Always, Mr Reese.”

“Three letter agencies.”

“Someone’s trying to kill you.”
“Yeah, you.”

“The term blasting does not inspire great confidence.”

“Something bad.”

“Also inevitable.”

“That’s a place I can’t go.”

The Scarecrow
Leslie and Gordon coo. Creepy Gerald Crane (Julian Sands) lurks. It seems Trent was a fake name. Dilettante Bruce is awful and shows off his ACTINGS. Falcone and Penguin have issues. Gerald Crane shoots up his murder victim’s adrenal glands. Fish is in a prison and seems incapable of change. Gerald Crane sees fear as a stultifying sociocultural constraint and lives in a house that is an example of the decay of infrastructure. Jonathan Crane looks like Cillian Murphy. There is violence.

Maroni mush mouths. Penguin rants. Who is the dude hanging out with Fish in the prison? Fish particularises. Ed and Penguin meet - it is not friendly at all. Penguin needs to comb his greasy hair. Penguin and Gordon’s friendship is shaky. Gerald is toxic, Bruce tantrums and there is a scarecrow on the Crane property. I don’t care about these reprobate characters.

Fish takes over the prison. Jonathan Crane is set on his super-villain path by his abusive father and nobody helping him. Jonathan is haunted by the scarecrow. You feel sorry for Jonathan. Julian Sands was wasted in this ep. Penguin’s nightclub has an umbrella motif and Maroni menaces him. This was tired.

Best Lines:
“Is that blood?”

“Fear was an evolutionary flaw.”

“I’m glorious.”

“We will not be serving that.”

“You think you’re worth protecting.”

“You’re standing too close.”

“Your hard-assed reputation.”

“We can’t be certain it ever will.”

“Every waking hour.”

The Woods
Jack is an idiot. Ben and the krankie are in a cabin in the woods. Jack annoys. The krankie has self deception and is sure he’ll be vindicated. Jack does manspreading and mansplaining. Beth is a stick. The krankie murders. Beth whimpers and needs saving by Jack. Janice is menaced by the krankie. Dialogue is mumbled. And the sexism that is the creator’s motif/own personal badge of shame is on display. Is the krankie dead? Jack gets away with his crap. Another bad cover version is warbled. This was just dumb.

Best Lines:
“We don’t need that tone.”

“His delusional idea of their future.”

“What is the end? Do you even know?”

“The ‘Exorcist’ steps.”

“He wants Michelle not Beth.”

“The NSA retrieval engine.”

“It’s not a suggestion.”

“Stay careful.”
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