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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘San Andreas’ TV spot
Taste free.

Organic raw cocoa with whole goji berries - nice.
Gluten free Brown Rice Spaghetti - okay.
Sparkling wine - okay.
Wheat/dairy free Cocoa Loco raw fruit, oat and but bar - okay.
Sweet Tarts and Birthday Cake M&Ms are ideal comfort food.

I will review the final ever ‘Revenge’ episode.

Georgina Campbell won the leading actress BAFTA award for BBC3’s ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’. Whilst Stephen Rea won the best supporting actor BAFTA for ‘The Honourable Woman’.

Will I watch the new ‘X Files’? Dunno.

There so needs to be a book about the Miliband brothers.

Remember when ‘Doctor Who’ named a baddie after Jack Straw?

Anyone recall the old sitcom ‘Alice’?

‘Moondial’ is on DVD apparently. That was a BBC classic in 1988.

Aphids are horrible little bastards.

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“He needs to back to his deck chair in the garden.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“No-one wants her here.”

“A squatter in my house.”

“Ripped her bedroom door off.”

“Wasn’t worth the battle to make her go to school.”

“A wild and out of control teen.”

“Clean your guinea pig.”

“Out creating this image.”

“Threw a hairspray bottle at me.”

“This family is broken, badly.”

“Lowest base.”

“Ripping doors off.”

“Melt down severely and quickly.”

“It’s what she does.”
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