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Book Review: Magic Strikes

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
This is the 3rd novel in the 'Kate Daniels' urban fantasy series and it's good.

Kate Daniels is a mercenary who deals with paranormal problems and she has lot of them these days. Her latest problem involves Atlanta's shapeshifter pack, an underground fight club and a group of merciless killers. As Kate investigates she discovers that it is all part of a plot by Roland to forever alter the balance of power in Atlanta.

Roland an immortal, all powerful mage is Kate's nemesis, although he doesn't know it yet. Roland is Kate's father. Can she thwart his blood soaked plans before he finds out who she really is?

This was good, the tribulations of Kate are an engrossing read. There is so much that is fascinating about her world: the magic, the much talked about Roland and the vast canvas of characters. I really enjoy this series and hope it continues.
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