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The Blacklist 2x19 + Agents of SHIELD 2x20 Reviewed

Leonard Caul (no. 62)
Someone is watching the team. Who was watching the team back in season 1? Red has been shot and has a contingency plan for this. The post-ironic melodrama piles up. Red does a lot of spluttering. The plot is ridiculous. Keen has a surgeon ex. Tom lurks. There are lies and secrets. Red has a cat. Feed the cat Keen! Leonard Caul shows up. Tom still has his neo-Nazi tattoos. Who are the cabal? Caul babbles about an interface and a bubble module. Ressler does nothing. People have guns. The CIA head is cabal. Red walks off major surgery. Who is Keen’s mother? Keen somehow made copies of the fulcrum. My interest in this show is declining. Cooper’s poisonous pal is now cabal. Keen wails about the impermanent now to Tom. This was piffle done with serious enraptured solemnity.

Best Lines:
“They finally called his bluff.”

“This will devour you.”

“I know who he is.”

“The only time we met you were in her kitchen making coffee in your underwear.”

“Our 8 fingered mystery man.”

“She’s being completely manipulated.”

“All been a manipulation.”

“Talked about but never seen.”

“We’re compromised.”

“You’ve no idea the enemies you’ve just made.”

How did this get renewed? There are fake flashbacks to make us think Coulson cares about anyone other than himself. The Theta Protocol is the helicarrier. Oh really? Did no-one wonder where it went? ‘Age Of Ultron’ has passed. Couslon rankles deeply and obstructs as he does fruity acting. The fat SHIELD agent lurks. Simmons is a lustrous twit. Edward James Olmos glowers and is wasted. Gordon and Raina bore. SHIELD has a Kree weapon that kills Inhumans. Hunter needs to piss off.

Skye is wan and seraphic. May sees elusive menaces everywhere. SHIELD plan to attack the Inhumans. Cal yells. May is an ass Nobody helped Kara. May and Coulson have issues. Lincoln distrusts SHIELD. This was a deplorable ep. Fitz and Simmons are okay with attempted murder. Mack leaves because SHIELD disgusts him. Rangy air Mockingbird is about to get hers. Ward lurks. Nobody listens to Raina. Skye’s momma kills Gonzales. War is almost upon them. SHIELD has too high an idea of their own consequence.

Best Lines:
“Rage quitting.”

“Let’s hope you’re one of us.”

“I’ve never seen her not want something.”

“I’m just an annoyance.”

“SHIELD loves it when they get to lock someone up.”

“Evil would never find it.”
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