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Arrow 3x22 + The Game 1x02 Reviewed

This Is Your Sword
Oliver pulls faces and isn’t brainwashed. Maseo remains a vague character with vague motives. Felicity has the IQ of a bog spider. Laurel does the Canary Cry and it looks dumb. Diggle rages and I’m bored of him. Tommy was Oliver’s best friend - not Diggle! Felicity wails about “my Oliver.” Thea hangs out with Malcolm. It reamins unexplained as to why Malcolm didn’t give Tommy a dip in the Lazarus Pit. Talia does not seem to exist in this world. Ra’s orders Nyssa to bear a child. Malcolm flies around the world plotting and hanging with Oliver. As for Oliver, he seems to have forgotten his best friend Tommy was murdered by Malcolm.

Roy is living under an assumed name with a bad dye job and a horrible fake tan. Where is Lance? Ray hands over Palmer tech to Felicity - what is it with her and her sweater bunnies? What is Maseo up to? Why is anyone listening to Malcolm? Why won’t Felicity and Diggle shut the hell up? Tatsu pops up from somewhere. No one mentions Tommy. Roy goes far far away but leaves Thea his Arsenal costume. Felicity drama queens.

Ra’s has some misty water coloured memories of Nyssa’s mother, his concubine. Where is she? TPTB lay on the O/F crap. Everyone forgets that Oliver broke Tommy’s heart to steal Laurel and then got bored of her. What happened to the Laurel photo that Oliver carried on the island? Why don’t the gang let people know that Malcolm is alive? Tatsu puts on her costume. There is a fight. The League were supposed to be scary but aren’t. Tatsu kills Maseo for some reason. Ray shows up - where did he come from?

TPTB refuse to acknowledge the increasingly ridiculousness of this show. Oliver is a lying ass. Felicity and her whining needs to go away. Diggle is agitated and rants about crap I could care less about. Ra’s poses near the Lazarus Pit. Ra’s menaces Malcolm who is an arse. The gang are morons. There is overacting as Nyssa and Oliver marry. She tries to kill him, he stares blankly and Ray, Malcolm, Diggle, Laurel and Felicity are all exposed to the bio-weapon or are they?

Flashbacks show the bio-attack on Hong Kong carried out by an old General (Marc Singer). Akio dies. Oliver is a moron. This was good but unless Tommy shows up alive in the very next episode I’m done. I can’t take stupid Oliver or whining Felicity anymore.

Best Lines:
“Insure its subjugation.”

“Carrying death itself.”

“Strange woman dressed in all black leather.”

“You will have no more say in it than your mother was given.”

“You can still come back to me.”

“More frack.”

“Stifle the snake.”

“He let this happen.”

“Nothing worth hearing.”

The Game 1x02
MOD employee Tom Mallory wants to know what is in the PM’s letter of last resort. Joe and Arkady have a chat in a men’s connivance. Alan and his facial hair does nothing. Bobby the homo-repressed mama’s boy hits on Wendy. Tom beats hookers and is a bad’un and beats the PM’s private secretary. Alan’s wife Sarah plots. Joe pouts and menaces the abused hooker.

Daddy hangs out with a Chinese ballerina. Is she a CI or his mistress or both or neither? MI5 worry about a nuclear strike. There is ludicrous meeting and a cringe inducing Bobby/Wendy scene. Jim the cop is peripheral. I did not feel appreciative of this ep. Tom is a liar and a perv and is menaced and gets his. Joe does brooding stares. This was not good and has to be a parody, there is a flashback to Joe and Yulia that proves it.

Best Lines:
“What if they shoot me?”

“I make no apology for my language.”

“Snow on her boots too?”

“Something of a habit with him.”

“What does chalk do in Russia?”
“It’s not secret spy chalk.”

“This will not do. Get out.”

“I will do terrible things.”

“I miss the war. The other one.”

“Just a posh strip club.”

“I’m jolly thrilled.”

“A more torpid individual.”

“He can’t see your face.”

“How fast can you run?”

“You’re better than this.”
“Apparently not.”
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