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The Flash 1x20 Reviewed

The Trap
Cisco babbles and footface Barry sees that the 2024 newspaper lead story was written by Iris West-Allen. Gideon speaks and reveals stuff. People run around the cortex and the time vault. Why does fake Wells have Gideon if Barry created her? Joe sabotages Eddie & Iris so she can hook up with his foster son. I hate Joe. They know real Wells is dead and that fake Wells murdered him so why do they keep calling fake Wells by his victim’s name?

There are flashbacks to three weeks after the particle accelerator blew up with Barry in a coma, Wells saying he could save Barry and Joe being an ass. I wish Joe would die.

Barry obsesses over his dad and Iris. He is so selfish. Joe is the Pete Ross of this show, always taking screen time and storylines away from vastly more interesting characters. Cisco and Snow build glasses so Cisco can see into his dreams. Wells and his louche silky tones lurks. Jerk Barry never does any work. Singh lurks. Iris needs to go away. Cisco experiences the other reality; boy does fake Wells have a lot of teeth.

Barry is selfish. Joe needs to go away. Joe makes a speech about wanting Iris to marry Barry. That is just so much ick control freakery. Iris is a moron. Nobody seems to care that real Wells is dead. Joe ruins Barry’s big plot to trap Wells. Barry wails because he only cares about his dumb father. But real Wells gloats and drops the kindly mentor façade and sinks his teeth into evil gloating. He does reveal he loved working with the team and hints at the Vibe/Killer Frost alternate destinies for Cisco/Snow.

Barry is slack jawed at being played. Fake Wells gloats and kidnaps Eddie. Iris comes to a realisation. There is another flashback to fake Wells ranting during which he doesn’t take his glasses off dramatically. What did Barry do to piss the Reverse-Flash off? Fake Wells poses in his yellow suit. This was excellent!

Best Lines:
“I put a tracker on his wheelchair. Which, if we’re wrong about him and he is paralysed, I’m going to hell.”

“He was angry.”

“That would be bad.”

“The one who blew a hole in the city.”

“Sometimes, he’s just so kind.”

“I’ll wheel on down there.”

“You know what I can do.”

“You will die.”

“For whom I have nothing but hate.”

“Like you used all of us.”

“You ruined my life!”

“Your lives now are so much better.”

“You’ve seen who I am.”

“We know you’re not Harrison Wells.”

“Very, very soon.”

“It was all a set up.”

“Cos we’re family Eddie.”

“You look so young.”

“Nothing is forgiven. There will be a reckoning.”
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