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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Big Game’ TV spot

‘The Enfield Haunting’ 1x02 promo

‘A Royal Night Out’ TV spot

‘Gamer’ (2009) promo

‘S1m0ne’ (2002) promo

‘Suspect’ (1987) promo

‘The Age Of Adeline’ promo

There’s an upcoming ‘Arrow’ novel. I hope Tommy is in it.

Anyone recall Sticky Bricks?

Sparkling Lychee drink - divine.
Spiced Chocolate slice - nice.

RIP Ruth Rendell - I can recall ‘An Unkindness Of Ravens’.

‘Arbella: England’s Lost Queen’ Quotes:
“When I see her enraged against any person whatever, I wish myself in Calcutta.”

“Whose unburied body still lay stinking at Fotheringay.”

“Elizabeth could not endure closed windows.”

“If you were in the habit of seeing such things in your bed as I do when in mine, you would not persuade me to go there.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Couturial oeuvre.”

“Fantastically expensive, ostentatious shoes.”

“Delves unrelentingly.”

“An ugly emphasis.”

“Focus all her attention on her.”

“With a similarly arboreal name.”

“Emotionally direct.”

“Much of the acting could hardly be described as subtle.”

“Mind-boggling utterance.”

“In any terms that we can understand it.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Down-below deforestation.”


“Thought counsels.”


“Then one day the sex wears off and they wake up and realise they’ve married a Romanian hooker.”

“Cracking up, mid-20th-century-style.”

“Clearly worked on.”

“Trust-fund wurzels.”

“Concocted mythology.”

“Quiet, disengaged, soulful thug.”

“The romanticising of ignorance.”

“The unlikely secret coupling of a widowed French princess and her Welsh servant during the late 1420s.”

“I wasn’t particularly good at anything.”

“Misplaced the late Renaissance by one decade.”

“There is no shortage of sea here.”

“Where are your clothes?”

“Sense of responsibility to society.”

“A look of frozen disapproval.”

“Doesn’t lactate human kindness.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“The most ghastly inexorable sense.”

“Relatively insignificant.”

“Untether him from this excessive adulation of his mother.”

“Wholly unprepared.”

“I am not stopping. My wife spends all my money, so I can’t.”

“Every time I get the urge to have a hobby, I lie down till it passes.”

“Inarticulate, awful fashion sense, penchant for kicking Argentineans.”

“A demonically gleeful expression.”

“Oozes likeability and charisma.”

“Some wasted girls.”

“Now it looks and smells like a garbage can.”

“Trust and safety team.”

“There was vomit on the walls, condoms and women’s underwear on the stairs, broken glass and crockery everywhere, barbecue sauce all over the ceilings and a foul stench in the air.”

“Been a wrong’un all his life.”

“Like a slap with a dead fish in your face.”

“Your hair is a pile of Brillo.”

“Uproariously mocked.”

“Never do a soap opera.”

‘Financial Times’ Quote:
“Sheep dung kept getting skewered on the girls’ stilettos.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“The long forgotten world of six years ago.”

“Don’t waste beer.”

“We get it. It’s just not funny.”

“Starfish head!”

“The other is dim and evil.”

“Our kids are nuts.”

“Me, seagull. You, boardwalk trashcan.”

“Sailor talk.”

“Her body usually whistles.”

“Bart and Lisa in ‘criminal neglect’.”

“Our rotten kids.”

“Your brother is stupid.”

“I have a teaching fist.”

“I’m crying out my nose.”

“You’re a psychic now?”

“You love sucking ghouls.”

“Parents not horrible.”

“Where daddy peed.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A toxic relationship.”

“Does absolutely nothing.”

“How do you forget to feed a special needs child?”

“I’m selling narcotics.”

“You’re a dealer?”

“I’m unconvinced with your resolve.”

“Don’t say no.”

“All this abusive stuff.”

“You have way overstepped your bounds.”

“Don’t go there!”

“She wasn’t given, she was taken.”

“Seed of deception.”

“Negotiation window never closes.”

“Nobody’s taking care of me!”

“Rich people moocher.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“There is not one respectable house in this town.”

Films I Disliked: ‘Dragnet’ (1987), ‘Bell, Book And Candle’ (1958), ‘Rising Son’ (1993), ‘Frailty’ (2001), ‘Empire Of The Sun’ (1987), ‘Click’ (2006), ‘The Break-Up’ (2006), ‘Solider’ (1998) and ‘All About Eve’ (1950).
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