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Arrow3x21 +The Game 1x01 + Stalker1x16 + HowToGetAwayWithMurder 1x14&1x15 + Blacklist 2x18 Reviewed

Oliver is brainwashed and crazy now or is he faking? Who cares? There is ominous Latin chanting. Oliver let Tommy die, he deserves everything he gets. Diggle needs to go away. There are more useless Hong Kong flashbacks and the season 4 big bad HIVE is set up. Oliver is as wooden as ever. Laurel drinks a black and white milkshake - wtf is that? Laurel and Nyssa bond.

Where is Lance? Felicity won’t stop whining. Nyssa is in peril. Diggle and Felicity are vile people. Where is Ray? Thea won’t shut up. This episode lands like a turd. Laurel shows off her canary cry. I’m sure Nyssa and Laurel will get it on at some point. Felicity and Diggle spew pretentious verbal diarrhoea. Malcolm smarms and both he and Thea seem to forget Tommy ever existed. Oliver menaces Lyla. Diggle blames Lyla for Oliver’s insanity.

Lyla is not an innocent. There is bad acting. Felicity no longer wants Oliver’s wang. There is a big fight. This was unbelievably horrible. Ra’s sneers in his bathrobe and decides to marry off Oliver and Nyssa. Felicity finally decides to tell Thea that Roy is alive. The Arrowcave fellowship is broken. Oliver is told to wipe out Starling City. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“A place now home only for the dead.”

“Slow to swing a vengeful sword.”

“Masks aren’t wanted in Starling no more.”

“He didn’t have a knife, he had two.”

“I never understood your country’s need to fry everything.”

“No Glocks on the dinner table.”

“Do not say costume.”

“Identity concealment.”

“My dad’s a super villain.”

“League mind voodoo.”

“What did you think he would be doing in the League of Assassins?”

“This I can stop.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I kneel before no-one.”

“The next one goes in your eye.”

“You will become the bride of the demon.”

“Sorry to interrupt your staring into nothingness.”

“Darth Oliver.”

“Final act of ascension.”

The Game (2014) 1x01
This BBC2 1972 set cold war drama is good. A Russian assassin peels an apple ominously. Fat lipped MI5 spy Joe tried to defect to the USSR for love in 1971 but it went awry. Now he’s sulky and working for the creepily named Daddy (Brian Cox). The opening credits are nice.

This could actually be a po-faced stealth parody instead of a drama. But it is good. A Professor turns out to be a Russian spy who wishes to turn. He tells Joe about Operation Glass - but nobody knows what it is. Daddy who looks like an ambulatory compost heap sets up a committee to investigate whatever Operation Glass is.

Another MI5 gent has an overbearing mother, another has facial hair and Daz trousers, they work in the central offices that they call The Fray and exposition is dropped. Joe learns apple dude is known as Odin. A cop named Jim helps Joe. But is Joe on the up? There is muttering about a mole and Joe doesn’t seem very trustworthy. Joe is Jonty from 'Trinity'!

Best Lines:
“Confidence is on the floor.”

“I hate it when they try to be enigmatic.”

“Only a postman and he knows it.”

“Bloody miners.”

“It’s ghastly.”

“Be stoic.”

“Who is it?”

Michael Landes, Samira Armstrong and JD Pardo guest star as part of a gang of group stalking cult nutters. Perry and the krankie plot to isolate Beth. Jack and his ex have issues. Perry realises he is an idiot. The cult are nutters. This was ineptly done. LA is the most horrible town. There is a dumb ‘twist’ and this was not a genuinely unsettling dissection of madness. Another bad cover version plays and Jack’s ex is in peril. I think I'll drop this.

Best Lines:
“I don’t like her.”

“This guy. He needs to go.”

“No. No aliens.”

“You look like you regret ever meeting me.”

“Nothing motivates like fear.”

The Day Lila Died/It’s All My Fault
Flashbacks show the dissolution of Lila and Rebecca’s friendship and the unexpected reveal of who really killed Lila. Meanwhile Annalise annoys, a priest is on trial for killing another priest with an incense holder and Asher is dumb. Everyone has absolute disrespect. Rebecca (and everyone else) is walking evil. Rebecca (and everyone else) fabricates. What is the objective of this show? This show is offensive to my sensibilities and is distasteful and full of unpleasant people.

More bad things happen to Nate. Asher is used, Connor is a man slut and Annalise is déclassé and pecuniary and crass. Rebecca exercises undue influence over people as Wes and co confront her over her lies and manipulation. Michaela threatens Rebecca and the skank fights back. This was not very imaginative. Frank is awful, Rebecca is tied up in the cellar and the false image of their lives and tragedies fall away. This was utterly superfluous.

Asher and Bonnie do sex stuff. Rebecca gets a mock trial. This was all to little effect and this was pedestrian and dismal.  Everyone lies to Asher and is sleazy. Who did Rebecca call? Aiden’s mother shows up and Michaela shows off her real accent and is bigoted about Aiden. She is shameful and repugnant. Rebecca subverts and wrecks havoc in repetitive and dull gurning fashion.

WTF is purple x? Will Rudy ever get out of the nuthouse? Bonnie snots, Annalise yells, Wes is dim and everyone is at a constant high emotional pitch. What is Nate up to? There are chilling revelations, Laurel is awful and there is no existentialist angst. Will Lila ever get justice and who committed the latest murder?

Best Lines:
“How many other guys has your penis touched since then?”

“Don’t play the cancer card in my courtroom.”

“The ‘Thornbirds’ angle.”

“You stupid slut!”

“Something happen to him?”
“Not yet.”

“No notice of an alibi defence.”

“How dare you.”

“I want to change my plea.”

“Spit it out psycho.”

“We’re all screwed. Forever.”

“The horrorshow that is your life.”

“Made him go away.”

“Make sense of this.”

“Grizzly man-beard.”

“Southern ghetto trash.”

“I love me.”

“She doesn’t trust me anymore.”
“Then make her damn it!”

“The walls are really thin.”

“Why were you wet?”

“All you do is lie.”

“Who for reasons beyond me, continues to protect you."

“It’s what the two of us need to choose to believe.”

Vanessa Cruz (no.117)
Tom is getting moody and Keen is all shrill hysterics. Will Red and his grotesquery get lost? Keen isn’t the moral keystone of this show anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. Ressler peers with withering disappointment and is all petulance, hot air and notions. Vanessa Cruz is a ‘Black Widow’ like annihilating human tornado of revenge. The FBI follows the borderline barmy Red for no clear reason.

Keen isn’t a confused naïf with moral horror of Red anymore - she’s a ghastly layabout with misguided priorities and a penchant for dubious territory and deleterious actions. My attention meanders. Why has this show became putative without anything even vaguely likable about it? Keen mutters about shelf corporations and Red rants about the Fulcrum with growing grumpiness. This was a negative narrative with a weary template and hoary conventions.

Keen asks Tom for the truth - she’s a humourless diligent. Joyless technocrats in rooms rant about the fulcrum, Red, a meeting and a protocol. This show has decayed and is tedious. Tom gets his passports. Keen is an emotional tsunami and maybe she shouldn’t do that. Nobody is super convincing and everyone has bad line deliveries. I don‘t care about the twists or brash Red getting shot. Season 1 makes no sense in retrospect with the latest reveal.

Best Lines:
“Drawn to something unhealthy.”

“How about a thank you?”

“Not up for discussion.”

“He needs to go. He will go.”

“I’m the Rubicon.”

“You his woman?”

“Who’s left?”

“Run like the prairie wind because I’m coming for you.”
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