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Book Reviews: Flesh and Blood + Nightseer

Flesh And Blood by Simon Cheshire
Sam Hunter tells of what happened when he moved to an upper middle class neighbourhood and realised there was something strange about the richest and most powerful family in town. His investigation leads to horror, misery and woe. This is a deliciously dark tale of paranoia and classicism. It reminds me of the movie ‘Society’ and is good with a downer ending.

Best Lines:
“Tucked away, here, in this house, for so long.”

“People don’t notice, and don’t care.”

“That’s what they’re for.”

“You think junk.”

“A ready-made human dump.”

Nightseer by Laurell K. Hamilton
This 1992 novel was the first written by the author of the dire ‘Anita Blake’ and ‘Merry Gentry’ sagas. In some vague fantasy realm, Keleois has magic powers and lives in a Keep while dealing with the secret sorrow of her mother’s murder and the uncouth behaviour of fellow magic users.

The Keep falls, Keleois has to marry a frightful git and this was a badly written mess and I’ve no idea who these people are, where they are or why they are fighting each other or what is going on. This ends on a sequel hook which thankfully has never been followed up on. This was a mouldering mess of brutal caprices and was written is an almost unintelligible fashion.

Best Lines:
“They were attracted to dark prophecy like vultures to the newly dead.”

“Dirty thing, filthy thing, take it away! Take it away!”

“He was also the god of madness, and for that reason alone Keleios worshipped him as little as possible.”

“Have you screamed in the third darkness?”

“Heir to the demon-got throne.”
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