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The Flash 1x19 Reviewed

Who Is Harrison Wells?
Joe, Eddie, Barry, Cisco and Snow plot against Wells. Cisco is a moron as he and Joe look into the car crash 15 years ago. I dislike Joe, he thinks Wells killed Tess. Barry fosters victimhood and sees dark forces everywhere with no real evidence. Iris is awful - why does Eddie want to be emotionally intimate with her? For an episode named after him, it isn’t really about Wells.

A metahuman named Hannibal Bates shapeshifts. Lance helps Joe and Cisco. Laurel lurks and seems to be on weed. Cisco lies. Laurel is playful and reveals her secret identity because she wants Sara’s sonic device modified. Wells heads home after a long day of pretending to be paraylsed to drink and stare into the middle distance. Barry whines about his dad. Menacing music plays as Wells rolls around in his wheelchair - it’s unintentionally hilarious.

Eddie is in peril. Barry is a tool. Singh must know something. Iris is a twit. Joe and Lance discuss daughters. Cisco finds time travel particles and a rubber corpse. Eddie is more intelligent than Barry which means he is doomed like Tommy Merlyn on ‘Arrow’. Barry is a moron. Bates aka Everyman kisses Snow. Wells tasers Everyman. Iris is nosy and an idiot. Laurel gets her Canary Cry. Joe, Cisco, Snow and Barry learn the rubber corpse is the real Wells. Fake Wells is creepy. Cisco, Snow and Barry somehow get into Wells’ secret room and see the suit and the newspaper. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“Something’s chasing me.”

“Is that a real question?”

“If, Barry, if.”

“You can’t outrun me.”
“I won’t have to.”

“That would be bad.”

“I love the way that you beat up criminals.”

“Harrison Wells stood by my side.”

“Run like a normal person.”

“What do you want us to do Thawne?”

“Like why anyone in their family thought that naming a kid Hannibal wouldn’t mean he’d grow up to be a criminal?”

“Not one I would accept.”

“Hello, you.”

“If this is who I think it is.”

“Yes. Her.”

“Hands on the metahuman.”

“This body is the real Harrison Wells.”
“If this is Dr Wells, then who have we been working for this whole time?”
“Dr McGee said that after the accident Wells became a completely different person. It’s because he is a different person.”
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