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The Tudors Season 3 Ep 1 Review

Henry marries Jane Seymour (who is played by a new actress) and is soon angry with her for not being pregnant. Robert Aske leads the Pilgrimage of Grace. Henry is annoyed about this and gives Cromwell a good slap. Jane Boleyn waits on Queen Jane. Henry is a bad dad to Mary and Elizabeth. Suffolk rides out against the Pilgrimage of Grace and is plotting again, you think he'd have learned not to plot by now. Henry's leg is vile and he remembers the rebellion against his father and how he was terrified he would die. He vows to crush this rebellion the way Henry VII crushed the rebellion against him.

Despite all the effort this doth suckest. Cranmer has vanished from the credits but Max Von Sydow has shown up. Sadly there are other new annoying characters who nobody cares about. When Henry's titles were being listed, they left out his King of Ireland title. The Duke of Norfolk was the King's Hammer against the Pilgrimage of Grace not Suffolk. Why hasn't the Duke of Norfolk been seen since season 1 anyway?

Best Line: "You like to board other men's boats."

Fashion Tip: Queen Jane's wire head-dress.
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