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Book Reviews: Balance Of Power + The Lost Years

Star Trek The Next Generation #33: Balance Of Power by Dafydd Ab Hugh
This 1995 novel features an auction and Cadet Wesley Crusher getting ever more dissatisfied with Starfleet Academy. It has an ugly cover and the auction plotline is ridiculous and inconsistent. Wesley runs around embroiled in trouble and is treated like crap and is sick of everything. This was dumb and not as funny as it thinks it is. Ab Hugh hasn’t written a Trek novel in years and maybe that is for the best.

Best Line:
“Replicators to feed the hungry, holodecks to feed the spiritually dead; and an obsessive fascination with the past to feed dreams of yesterday. It is sterile, unsympathetic. The moral compass spins free pointing neither north nor south. Starfleet has lost its way.”

The Lost Years by J.M. Dillard
This good 1990 novel reveals what happened between the end of the Enterprise’s five year mission and the crew’s reunion in ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’. This had 3 sequels: ‘A Flag Full Of Stars’, ‘Traitor Winds’ and ‘Recovery’, none of which were anything more than worthless.

This isn’t a pretty picture of the scattering of the crew. Kirk accepts a promotion he really doesn’t want, blame seeks, chases a co-worker and gets involved in a hostage sitch. Spock sulks, is rude to his BFF, gets engaged and sulks more. A hysterical McCoy gets involved with a Mary-Sue Manic Pixie Dream Girl and a long dead Vulcan mind-lord (no, really) rises from the grave to do something. Uhura is wallpaper and Chekov and Sulu don’t exist. No one is actually likeable in this book.

Best Lines:
“I can discuss this no more.”

“Interested not I.”

“Elements take you old man.”
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