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Trailers, Quotes, an 'Arrow' rewatch and a 2003 Tape Tale

‘The Flash’ 1x21
Why is Cisco such a tool? Why won’t Joe leave? Why don’t they call fake Wells by his real name? Stop calling a murderer by his victim’s name you jerks!

Best Line:
“What is a Grodd?”

‘Lake Mungo’ trailer
A girl dies and strange stuff happens. This Oz horror looks naff.

‘Nashville’ promo
“Can’t stand the sight of you.”

‘Empire’ 1x02 promo
We all know how ‘King Lear’ ended.

‘Intersection’ (1994) promo

‘Scream 3’ trailer
Terrible trailer and movie.

I’m worried about the latest development with my illness.

I kind of want that ‘Sleepy Kittens’ book.

I am reading ‘Flesh and Blood’.

There’s a new Chelsea Quinn Yarbo novel?

I won’t review ‘Empire’.

I can recall once upon a time loving the ‘Due South’ archive Hexwood until TPTB betrayed the subtext and RUINED the show I once loved.

‘Flesh and Blood’ Quotes:
“His idea of a full day is lying on the sofa and staring out of the window.”

“The sort of schools you see in Channel 4 documentaries designed to shock the middle classes.”

‘Empire’ Quotes:
“Your brothers are showing off again.”
“It’s what they do babe.”

“Shut your mouth.”

“You messing with the wrong bitch.”

“I eat there.”

“Cookie coming home.”

“She ain’t nothing.”

“Don’t come back here crying.”

“You different.”

“Stewed chicken?”

“Don’t you baby me you two faced bastard.”

“I never wanted him anyway.”

“I want what’s mine.”

“Prince of America.”

“Most likely less.”

“Cos this got me.”

“Save that pimp talk.”

“Girls walking around with their scalps smelling like goat ass.”

“You really aren’t ashamed of him.”

‘The Good Wife’ Quote:
“Documents don’t go away.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quotes:
“What kind of a moron gets stuck in a tree?”

“You water the yard in your underpants.”

“Your wife scares her.”

“You’re calling 976 numbers?”

“Erotic boat ride.”

“Your son has been calling smut numbers!”

“I told you not to punch each other in the privates!”

“I see you lurking behind the curtain like a weirdo in your own home.”

‘Inside No 9’ Quotes:
“I’ve seen roadkill with better reaction.”

“Scary dwarf acting.”

“We need you back in your hutch.”

‘Without A Trace’ Quotes:
“Two kids arrested for getting high behind the gym.”

“We only have one phone line so I didn’t sign up for it.”

“No really very social.”

“Doing what?”

“How do we really know?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“My parents bolted my window shut.”

“What’s your responsibility?”

“Battery and runaway charges.”

‘Arrow’ Quote:
“The next time you decide to think the worst of me, imagine what I now think of you.”

Rewatched two season 1 ‘Arrow’ eps. First up was ‘Sacrifice’ in which Oliver was an ignorant inarticulate person who treated Tommy appallingly and never apologised. He got Tommy killed so he could moon over Laurel. Now in season 3 after moving on from Laurel and Sara, he is sharing his wang with the bimbo Felicity. Thanks TPTB. Felicity and Diggle are jerks. Malcolm looks botoxed. TPTB should never have killed off Tommy; they probably did so because he was a better actor than Oliver. Nobody ever cared about Tommy not his alleged friends, girlfriend, father or half-sister.

What has become of the Merlyn building in season 3? Malcolm left his unconscious son on the floor so he could lurk in his secret room waiting for Oliver. Malcolm threatened to kill Moira and Thea - why would he do that if Thea was his? Thea got the plotline that should have been Tommy’s. Oliver obsessed over Laurel but Tommy loved her and then died because of her. Why did Tommy apologise to the manwhore Oliver before dying? Tommy was ill served by the lying Oliver and TPTB.

Best Lines:
“I wish you would have died on that island.”

“She’s with Oliver again. Always.”

Then I rewatched ‘Dead To Rights’. Whatever became of McKenna? Malcolm lurks. Did he and Tommy dye their hair? Tommy thought Oliver was his friend in this episode. Tommy was neglected, ignored and emotionally abused by his father and now Oliver is hanging out with Malcolm in season 3. Tommy and his father end up bonding when assassins try to kill Malcolm. Why did Malcolm never train Tommy? Moira hired China White and Deadshot to kill Malcolm but was kind of sad that Tommy would see that. Malcolm won a humanitarian of the year award. Tommy’s life is menaced and Malcolm gets violent. Malcolm is shot and he really should have been left to die. Tommy is frantic and pulls a gun on the vigilante. Oliver has to reveal himself to Tommy who is left in shock. Oliver’s lies and secrets ruined his friendship with Tommy and Oliver was oblivious to consequences. Oliver is an awful person.

Best Lines:
“You are a true friend, thank you.”

“I am 100% certain that I’ll be busy.”

“You taught me that multiple times.”

“You killed him.”
“Surely as he would have killed you.”

“How did you know how to do that?”


“Did Lawton kick his dog or something?”

“Were you going to tell me?”

Cleared out a 2003 tape. It began with a ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ ep ‘Future Tense part 2’ in which the tracking was way off and it was dull. Then came a ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ season 7 ep ‘The Killer In Me’ which was crap.

Then came an ‘Angel’ season 4 ep ‘Calvary’ which was murky and mumbly. Cordelia kills Lilah in a display of bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Luscious thing.”

“He’s going to kill us.”
“I know. Why do you think I let him out you stupid bitch?”

Then came a season 5 ‘Charmed’ ep ‘Sam I Am’ in which Tony Todd has a cameo, Paige pulls faces, Piper moans and Phoebe plots to murder Cole. The Avatars lurk, ugly clothes are worn and Cole hires a Darklighter and the sisters are dumb. No.

Best Lines:
“Blenders have lids!”

“Evil barges in here all hours of the day and night hell-bent on killing us.”
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