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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 2x18 +Person Of Interest 3x18 +Gotham 1x13 +Law And Order SVU 16x06 Reviewed

The Frenemy Of My Enemy
How does this tie into ‘Age Of Ultron’? Or what Fury is currently up to? Fitz sulks. The infuriating Coulson just assumes Skye needs rescuing. Cal’s brains have rotted away. Mockingbird goes on and on about how tough she is. Simmons is a moron. Coulson and co bother Ward and Agent 33. Coulson is an ass. Gordon looms. 33 and Ward coo. Fitz whines more. There is bad acting and everyone worships Skye. Simmons is indescribably awful. Fitz is entrenched in fierce hostility.

Hunter is in a strop. May and her bland personality does stuff. Halfwit Cal is embarrassing and pathetic. Skye has one-dimensional television emotions. Mike is not affable. Coulson is supercilious. This show is so obviously committee driven. Wistful Skye is an idiot. Lincoln is captured by Hydra. Coulson lies. Whitehall’s second in command isn’t so brainwashed. Cal yells. May and Simmons see Coulson working with Ward. Things are squalid and chaotic. Where did Ward, Hunter and 33 run off to? Coulson smugs. Most of season 2 has been a hideous waste of time but this was okay.

Best Lines:
“I like who I am.”

“Ward is a psychopath.”

“Hard to picture that right?”

“Coulson left us with a mountain of lies.”

“Let him go 33.”
“My name is Kara and I don’t work for you anymore.”

“The internet killed everything.”

“All big words.”

“I changed it to something more sinister when I went on the run.”

“Daisy Johnson. Huh.”

“Stash pad.”

“Our only backup is Fitz.”

Reese whispers, a POI has an obviously evil boss (Casey Briggs of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’) and Root recalls that Bear is a military working dog. Greer lurks, Fusco does stuff and there is misfeasance. Reese tackles a guy out of a window. This was filler. There was bad acting and a simple minded plot with an obvious twist. Cinnamon tea is a thing. Shaw goes on about her Iranian mother. People have the IQs of molluscs. I miss the flashbacks. There is a raid on the UN. This was bad. An unexpected alliance is revealed.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t know you spoke French.”
“It’s the first thing they teach you in the Foreign Legion.”

“Thank god Finch buys top shelf.”

“Special administrative measures.”

“Extraterritorial privileges.”

“Hope that guy that health insurance.”

“You have to trust us.”

“We understand what’s coming.”

Welcome Back, Jim Gordon
Before Batman and his rogues gallery was really a thing. Fish is in peril. A witness is killed inside the precinct. Gordon goes all out to find the killer. Alfred has walked off being shot. Bruce is a git. Fish is too kinky to torture and her sidekick Butch runs around. Gordon is aggressive and jaw clenching. Gordon’s co-workers don’t like him. There is a fight, Ed is weird and we’re supposed to feel sorry for the stalker. Who is Miss Kringle? Penguin and his mother are weird. Gordon asks Penguin for a favour and isn’t aware of what that will involve. Cat-teen resurfaces and is annoying. A corrupt cop’s wife is menaced in disturbing fashion. Fish tries to menace Penguin. Bullock helps Fish. Where’s Butch? This was good and creepy.

Best Lines:
“My thing is for me.”

“Public service homicide.”

“Cheap looking Italian suit.”

“Smelling like a tap house whore.”

“That’s an upside?”

“Looks like she’s got the mange.”

“Screw off.”

“IA? Two old drunks in a basement.”

“Flass is protected.”
“By who?”
“Serious people.”

“Sad little wannabe.”

“An umbrella boy.”

“Don’t come back.”

“Be good.”

Glasgowman’s Wrath
A girl is stabbed and two girls go missing while looking for an urban legend in a park. A crazy homeless man is suspected. The parents are useless. The cops harass a crazy man and a babysitter. The two girls tell improbable tales. This ‘Heavenly Creatures’ like tale is full of lies and invented lore. Liars get away with it and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“Stabs a guy in the kidney.”

“This phone does not have lasers in it.”

“The timeline is way off.”

“I declare you not responsible.”
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