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Quotes & Things

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ promo
Rebecca is a tool.

Health issues are at me again - I’m tired of doctors and blood tests.

I will review ‘Flesh and Blood’.

I won’t review ‘The Silence’, ‘Exists’ or ‘A Good Marriage’.

‘Detectorists’ is awful.

There are two ‘Robin Hood’ shows in development?

Reeses Pieces - nice.

‘Raffles’ Quote:
“It is also my patriotic duty to burgle Dutchmen.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quote:
“Just let them have this.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“This is offensive to you?”

“Finding the killer that killed him.”

“Being future orientated.”

“Being angry and bitter.”

“Having internet sex.”

“Am I talking?”

“That was trying?”

“An distinct inability.”

“Abusive and mean.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“The over-35s who still buy CDs in Tesco.”

“What a horrible future.”

“You have to vigorously suppress the people.”

“Within a decade physical product will cease to exist.”

“What’s the currency in this moment?”

“The scene looks horrible.”

“Carefully calibrated deflationary moment.”

“The biggest and lumpiest.”

“Looking increasingly thin and old.”

“The world’s least charismatic actor.”

“I wish she had tried less hard.”

“Real, capricious humans.”

“A belated contribution.”


“Emaciated crab stick.”

“Povvo safari.”


“Your eggs are drying up.”


“Festival dressing.”

“The 1950s newspapers lining the space between the joists were a dead giveaway.”

“It came howling out through the gaps in the old floorboards.”

“Engineered oak floors were installed.”

“The garden is part of the house rather than beyond a side door and down a path.”

“Such was the scariness of some of the bar’s regulars.”

“She had her own gourmet chef who wouldn’t give her any food.”

“Why extreme characters are a gift.”

“Complex cultural confusion.”

“I want my marital dues.”

“Oblivious to the wan, undernourished teenagers hanging around the shops and parks.”

“Emotional resilience.”

“No idea of appropriate male relationships.”

“That’s what’s disturbing now, how planned it was.”

“She did not catch on that it was a crack den.”

“A parody of excess.”

“The mouth guards he wears to fight typically cost $25,000 each, and are embedded with diamonds, gold and folded $100 dollar bills.”

“He contorts his 5ft 7in frame around oncoming blows like Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in the Matrix films.”

“He comes out swinging and never stops.”

“Is it racist to expect better food from a French airline?”

John Cleese Quote:
“I don’t begin to understand contemporary society.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Christian doggy training.”


“Are there feelings going unexpressed?”

“When in doubt blame the acne medicine.”

“Sumo loincloths.”

“Give him the juice!”

“Stop lying right now.”

“Must be the cheeseburgers in your sweat.”

“This miscreant.”

“She’s become a zombie. Run!”

“Following an adult is creepy.”

“Hello. Goodbye. Hello. Goodbye.”

“I’ve got to remove you.”

“Scotland! 1200 years! And we’ve only written one song!”

“He’s probably crying right now.”

“Quit asking me that.”

“You don’t even have a tree.”

“Give me the damn Dew.”

“Threw carburettor at skunk.”

“Stop caring about me.”

“Mild insults are like mild salsa, they still burn.”

“That’s the worst F word there is.”

“I have a mother who still loves me.”

“Purchased letter by letter from other failed towns.”
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