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Lost Season 5 Ep 13 Review

Some Like It Hoth

This is all about Miles. The psychic learns that Horace and co are breaking the truce by building a station in hostile territory. A workman dies there after a filling shoots out of his tooth and through his brain. Miles reveals that Chang is his dad. Hurley isn't too impressed with Chang after Chang threatens Hurley with being sent to Hydra island to weigh polar bear turds. Miles gets to see his mom and dad cooing over his baby self. Hurley plans to prevent global warming and write a better script for 'The Empire Strikes Back'. People notice little Ben is missing from the infirmary. Roger acts belligerent to Kate and Jack. Phil is onto Sawyer so Sawyer knocks him cold. Why do Sawyer and Juliet have rope just lying around their home? Daniel shows up on the island. How he got off the island and then got recruited to come back is not yet explained.

Miles was recruited by Widmore to talk to ghosts to find Ben. But some other people told him not to go. Who are these new people? Who purchased an old plane and dug up graves? Why haven't the Hostiles noticed Dharma building the hatch? Where is Sayid? Why did Chang apparently order his wife and baby off the island? Did he know the purge was coming? Did Chang die in the purge? This was an okay episode.

Best Lines:
"Isn't that Hostile territory?"

"The ditch had a gun?"

"Where's his body?"
"Somewhere you could never go."

"This island has a number of deceased individuals residing on it and as this man is the one responsible for their being deceased."
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