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Book Review: Magic Breaks

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews
Like ‘Magic Rises’ this is another downturn in the ‘Kate Daniels’ saga. I have loved this series since ‘Magic Bites’ but I think the time has come to let it go. Kate has to stop a war between the Pack and the People, fend off Roland’s sidekick Hugh and finally face her immortal magician father. Despite the fact the whole series has been leading to this father/daughter showdown it under whelms and the ending is a total cop-out to stretch the saga out for more books. This was disappointing and I am done. There is also a short story ‘Magic Tests’ which sees the idiot Julie at magic school.

Best Line:
“No challenge, no matter how insignificant can be left unanswered. Even a cry in the wilderness must be acknowledged because someone might have heard it.”
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