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The Flash 1x18 + The 100 2x16 Reviewed

All-Star Team-Up
Why are Ray and Felicity prancing around Central City when Thea could be dead? Iris is cruel, spiteful, petty, arrogant, offensive and disgusting. What does anyone see in her? Barry is an arrogant jerkass. Joe is an ass and he poisons Barry against Cisco and Snow. There is no evidence that Wells is planning anything. Cisco is a moron. Felicity shows up to be a dumb bitch. Ray flies around in his suit and damages STAR labs property. Barry acts like an idiot. Iris whines and Joe is an idiot. Barry doesn’t care that Ray knows his secret - so why can’t Iris know?

Eddie doesn’t like lying, Cisco recalls the other timeline somehow, a blonde woman controls bees and Wells, Cisco and Snow aren’t asked to Ray’s dinner party. Felicity is ungrateful. Iris bitches and ruins dinner. Felicity spews secrets. Tina McGee (Amanda Pays) is attacked by robot bees. The villain du jour is Brie Larvan. Tina gives Barry a vital clue and reveals that she and real Wells were great friends. Iris dumps Eddie. Barry shows Snow and Cisco his wall of crazy. Snow is sceptical. This was good. Iris is unbearable, she is Lana Lang 2.0.

Best Lines:
“He is never impressed.”

“The mood and brood.”

“So everyone but Iris.”

“Another bee attack.”

“Just don’t.”

“I thought that Wells was a great man and I was so wrong about him.”

“Bug-Eyed Bandit.”

“I’ve never had a nemesis before. I kind of like it.”

“After that day Harrison Wells became a completely different person.”

“What do Dr Wells and the Reverse-Flash have to do with each other?”
“They’re the same person.”

“He’s paralysed.”
“Is he though?”

Blood Must Have Blood, part two
Jaha is a crazy man and Murphy tantrums. Cage smugs. Clarke and her gang plan to save the 48. Abbie and Kane have somehow been captured by Mount Weather. The Ark people face being slaughtered for their bone marrow. Clarke justifies herself. The deposed President sulks. Clarke is psycho, Murphy finds a lighthouse and Mount Weather is made to pay for its sins. Maya and everyone else are killed due to Clarke. So what were they doing with the bone marrow they were extracting?!? Monty cries, Lincoln gets revenge, a cover version plays, Clarke exiles herself, there is a creepy reveal and Jaha finds the unexpected. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Screw this.”

“What is wrong with you people?”

“We have work to do.”

“We’re the good guys here. Not you.”

“Your promised land sucks!”

“Deliverance comes at a cost.”

“Aim for the throat. Slash don’t stab. Make it deep.”

“None of us is innocent.”

“They never would have stopped.”



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