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Movie Reviews: In Fear + 9 others

In Fear (2013)
Tom (Ian De Caestecker of ‘Agents of SHIELD’) and Lucy drive around Ireland. She’s all lipliner and fringe faff. He has about as much appeal as sweaty cycling shoes and is all dirty, sweaty and clenching with hatred. He’s stupid and empty and she is an orgy of self-congratulation. This is all nothingness and airlessness. He tries to do steely stares and she is a cold fish. There are no method fireballs here and no extrapolation from real life.

He’s a tad oblivious; I have perplexity about the plot as they are toxically besieged as they look for a hotel. This is a hedonism free zone. This is my limit of tolerance and taste, the duo are both quite dim and moronic. There is ostentatious yelling and someone is following them which seems to be the sum of the insulting plot. There is moral hypocrisy by the thoughtless, unkind, uncaring, selfish, morally questionable idiots who behave badly.

I wish the sad deranged person following them would just kill them. There is no creeping dread - this was just hopelessly dull. He is as all mad rat control freakery. Nobody is studiously calm there is volcanic temper tantrums, screaming and this was pretentious and fake. There is not an iota of chaotic intensity just rudeness and I hated this movie.

Best Lines:
“There’s an angry tree, there’s some worried mud.”

“We’re not lost.”

Flashdance (1983)

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Honeymoon In Vegas (1992)

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Creepshow (1982)

Pet Sematary (1989)
Bad and whatever became of Dale Midkiff?

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Sahara (2005)
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