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5 Book Reviews

Wake by Elizabeth Knox
An ‘Under The Dome’ knockoff from New Zealand. Characters who are a special kind of stupid run around. This was most abominable, with no psychological acuity.

Best Line:
“Apparently we have webpages.”

Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman
This 1998 biography is the story of Georgiana Spencer who in 1774 became Duchess of Devonshire due to a grand marriage. She became a political hostess and the queen of society. But her husband had a long standing affair with her best friend and Georgiana became a hopeless gambling addict permanently trapped in debt. Her love affairs brought her ignominy, pain and disgrace. This was a very good book about a frustrating if fascinating woman.

The Affair Of The Poisons by Anne Somerset
This 2003 biography chronicles the bizarre hysteria about wild allegations of plots, poison, infanticide, murder and satanism that began in 1676 and rocked the court of Louis XIV. This was dark and bizarre.

Bess Of Hardwick: First Lady Of Chatsworth by Mary S. Lovell
This is a biography of the four times married, great land owning magnate who was the most powerful woman in Elizabethan times after the Queen. This was okay.

Love and Louis XIV: The Women In The Life Of The Sun King by Antonia Fraser
This is a romanticised take on Louis’ relationships with his mother, mistresses, wives and in-laws. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“An idle lot.”

“With rather more wit than became a prince.”
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