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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ TV spot
No special spot for Hawkeye? Oh come on! No fair!

‘Far From The Madding Crowd’ TV spot

‘World’s End’ promo

Le Temps Vendra - The Time Will Come.

Sodastream Mix has been redone for cocktail lovers. I can recall our soda stream machine. Neo-nostalgia.

Anyone else recall the Bella Italia restaurants?

Bella Cuba is a great restaurant.

I loved my ‘Alice In Wonderland’ book as a child. I don’t know what happened to it.

Beef stir fry - okay.
Hazelnut dark choc with whole roasted hazelnuts - good.
Gluten free choc cupcakes with salted caramel sauce - yum.
Chicken stir fry - not so good.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Punishing feel.”


“Deeply unhealthy shagging.”

“Fame didn’t look that fun.”

“Tend to them.”

“Stop feeling that you need to demonstrate with your head the gestures you are making with your eyes.”

“So very Tory-voting.”

“The brittle grin.”

“The rise of the hostess trolley.”

“One of those poor pensioners in the Southern states of American who marry their mobility scooter before dying when the loo collapses under them and they hurtle into the social housing below.”

“What is to gain from pouring money into a large hole?”

“No one looks happy.”

“I dress sluts. You dress church ladies.”

“He cannot possibly spend this $8bn fortune.”

“I don’t like muscle boys.”

“As if a gaggle of Thomas Hardy characters were muttering about dry-stone walling in the presence of a cake.”

“Rotting fairy cake.”

“Subterranean gift wrapping room.”

“It’s almost a badge of honour, how many complaints you can get.”

“Skips sinking into streets.”

“Still contending with dust and drills.”

“Urinates with visible relief.”

“The twee name BorrowMyDoggy.”

“Best woofs.”

“Creates no content.”

“Small, scared smile.”

“Felt totally impossible.”

“Supermarket jeans covered in baby sick.”

“Brief, brief windows.”

“The hypnotised harem led by the serial killer, racist and psychopath Charles Manson.”

“Chaotic lives.”

“Spent a life being chased across the border by angry mobs and shot at in helicopter gunships.”

“Stuffed with vitriol and denial.”

“Dishonest interviews.”

“Asleep in a pool of her own vomit.”

“Her affection is treated with distain.”

“Like spoon after spoon of slightly undersugared custard.”

“Fading repertory actors.”

“A knot of vipers so strangled by vanities and emptiness.”

“The costumes are variously cheap, creased, lumpy or carpet-like.”

“The laughably flabby direction.”

“The extent of her loneliness and desperation.”

“Died around 456 BC when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his head.”

“Murdered in AD668 in his bath by a slave with a soap dish.”

“Horrifying relish.”

“Cruddy vision.”

“Hanging about outside in their vests, crazed on legal highs.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“We’re beer babies.”

“Honour our endless war.”

“Never use my mortal name in public.”

“Drunks too lazy to find a trashcan.”

“I was told there would be morphine.”

“Reverse the confetti.”

“Seems awfully over-produced.”

“A new star rises in the yeast.”

“Play in the bottle cap pit.”

“Could be incredibly stupid.”

“If you survive, please come again.”

“It’s so thick.”

‘American Crime’ Quote:
“Anti-government drug dealer.”

‘The Inbetweeners’ Quote:
“Briefcase mong.”

‘Rachel’s Holiday’ Quotes:
“A weaselly man who looked like he stole women’s underwear from washing lines.”

“Wouldn’t piss on the road in case the little birds warmed their feet.”

“You fat old culchie.”

“Tampons are the work of satan.”

“I’m not paying good money to eat holes.”

‘The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾’ Quotes:
“I sat behind a plastic plant and waited until the shouting had stopped.”

“They were a rough-looking noisy lot.”

“He said we ought to make a shelter out of nature’s bounty! Pandora found a plastic animal-food sack so we took it in turns sitting under it.”

‘Raised By Wolves’ Quotes:
“Punched hard in the tit by a goth in a mosh pit.”

“Change the oil in the deep fat fryer.”

“I smelt you on a towel.”

“That’s an oppressive statement.”

“Nice pub. Not a murder pub.”

“A man mistook me for a prostitute.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Cheat on all of her husbands.”

“Admits. Sort of.”
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