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Book Review: Deadly Spells

Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells
Book 3 of ‘Prospero’s War’. There are murders, confrontations, catharsis, screaming torments and the resident psychopath whose core skill is being vague pulls strings. Kate who is mildly useless without having a man telling her what to do and how to think shows hints of her original damaged personality. Her younger brother provides nothing by way of assistance to the plot. Kate’s dudebro partner simmers convincingly, plans misfire, choices are made and coiled tension erupts. This was excellent but with a bittersweet ending. Will there be more?

Best Lines:
“What were you doing in the gas station when the murder happened?”
“Turning tricks.”

“If the hospital staff knew him well enough to give him a special moniker, it meant the reason was probably extremely disturbing.”

“My special skills are in high demands in the can.”

“They call me pocket on the streets, but the nurses added hot on account of all the STDs.”

“At first I thought I was just trippin’ balls, right?”

“Drive -by hexings.”

“We don’t need your sort of trash.”

“Desperation made people more pliable, he’d said.”
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