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Trailers, Quotes, a Flash rewatch and a 2006 Tape Tale

‘The Flash’ 1x19 promo
Barry gets it and will the truth come out? This looks good. Has real Wells’ body been found? What is going to happen?

Best Line:
“After the accident Wells became a completely different person. Because he is a different person.”

Unfriended’ TV spot
A Skype horror movie? This looks annoying.

‘Battlestar Galactica’ promo

‘Torchwood’ series 1 finale promo
Bad bad acting and dialogue and just no.

I want to find lemon & mint Pellegrino.

Health issues are at me.

White chocolate Easter Egg - okay.

Anyone else recall Findus Chilli Beef French Bread Pizza?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She’ll probably end up with a pimp.”

“She’s smoking black tar heroin.”

“Here go screw up your life.”

“That would be on the list of don’t say.”

“She is a bitch.”

“Nailing jello to the wall.”

“Contributing to her toxic behaviour.”

“Woke up in the middle of the street.”

“I don’t care what you say or don’t say.”

“Manage his toxicity.”

“The constant criticism.”

‘The Flash’ 1x01 Rewatch:
The kind and thoughtful Dr Wells is actually long dead. The man the gang have known and trusted is an impostor who murdered the real Wells and who is filled with hate and violence. Did Wells make a Flash joke in this speech before the particle accelerator was turned on? Why did Wells put on sunglasses when Barry started running and then take them off again? Were Wells injuries part of the plan to appear to be a mild mannered mentor? Why is Wells seemingly allergic to wearing primary colours? Barry says “He killed my mom” and the next shot is of Wells with glasses off. Joe is an ass who put an innocent man in jail and suffocates Iris.

Did Wells deliberately make Grodd into a metagorilla? Why is Barry not a CSI anymore? Wells lets slip his frustrations when yelling at Barry. Poor real Wells had a dream for STAR labs and had his life stolen and his dream and reputation ruined by a time travelling crazy man. Wells lets the real him show briefly. If FEMA classified STAR labs a Class 4 hazard how are the gang able to wander around it? If Wells is from centuries in the future, why is he obsessing over a paper from 2024? When did Wells build the secret room? What are the round things on the walls? Soundproofing? The final scene is creepy and Wells doesn’t say a word. The STAR labs logo on the wheelchair is cute. Wells is sick and destructive.

Best Lines:
“What’s important is you. Not me. I lost everything. I lost my company, I lost my reputation, I lost my freedom”

“You’re not a hero.”

“Run Barry. Run.”

“The ring under us popped.”

“We have no way of knowing exactly what or who was exposed.”

Cleared out a 2006 tape. It began with a ‘Supernatural’ ep ‘No Exit’ in which Joe and Ellen are Godardian provocateurs. Sam has bad hair. A serial killing ghost looms and this left me bored and weary.

Best Lines:
“Girl’s been kidnapped by an evil cult.”
“Girl got a name?”
“Katie Holmes.”

Then came a ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ ep ‘The Return part 1’ in which Richard Dean Anderson, Robert Picardo and Mitch Pileggi stole the spotlight. Contact is made with a ship full of Ancients. The show continued its reputation suicide with this totally incompetent ep. The Ancients wander around with bubble perms and rubber suits, they want their city back. Then came a ‘Torchwood’ series 1 ep ‘Combat’ in which the picture is murky and Owen is angry and Weevils wander. What became of the Weevils later on? Gwen is awful and there is a Weevil fight club. This was the nadir.

Then came another ‘Torchwood’ ep ‘Out Of Time’ in which a plane from 1953 lands. Rhys is awful. The cast make weirdly diffident acting choices. Jack is complacent and complicit. No.

Best Lines:
“Welcome to the wonderful world of scantily dressed celebrities.”

“They sell films in boxes?”
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