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Monsters (1988 - 1991) 1x11 + The 100 2x15 + Supernatural 9x15 Reviewed

Rouse Him Not
This is loosely based on the short story of the same name by Manly Wade Wellman. An artist lives with her dog in a remote house. A peeping tom lurks. John Thurston (Alex Cord of ’Airwolf’) shows up claiming to be investigating local superstitions. He tells the artist that a man executed for witchcraft and murder used to live in her house. The artist overacts. A pentacle is found in the basement, a yokel is eaten or something and so Thunston whips out his sword to deal with the thing in the basement. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’ll sic my dog on you!”

“People like weird stuff.”

“I know things.”

“Strange words.”

“That’s the time strange things waken.”

“Evil hates silver.”

“A silversmith before he was a saint.”

Blood Must Have Blood, Part One
Raven’s bullet wound healed fast. There is death and Clarke won’t shut up. Where did Clarke get her fingerless gloves? Who built the Mount Weather novel and who carries it around? Where is Kane? Where are Jaha and his merry bunch of morons? Isn’t this show a bit similar to that old show ‘Jeremiah’?

There are no interesting linguistic avenues. The ousted President sulks and Cage has only been in charge for a week?! Concern troll Cage is called on his crap. Daddy has to come up with a bright idea. Wick mumbles. Mount Weather plans for species continuity, Monty is an idiot and Cage does what he wants with no apology. Octavia is accepted as a Grounder and minutes later is out on her ass. Mount Weather is breached and then there is a cruel twist. An alliance shatters, Clarke mumbles, Indra pulls a knife and there is death and an empty chamber. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“As long as we’re behind the doors, they can’t touch us.”

“Step aside please.”

“It will fight back. Hard.”

“What if we’re too late?”
“What if we’re not?”

“The Reaper tunnels.”

“Safe in the harvest chamber?”

“Dam joke.”

“You’ve killed us.”

“A door that hasn’t been breached in 97 years is going to fall and an army of savages is going to flood these halls, killing every last one of us.”

“Actually I can go faster.”

“Just keep backing up.”

“We’re still too close.”
“Not as close as they are.”

“You’re one of us now.”

“What did you do?”

“I have no home.”

This episode reminded me of why I gave up on this show. An idiot takes duckface selfies and sees slenderman. Then she dies. Sam still can’t act. Dean won’t tell Sam to get lost. What happened to the monochrome look and classic rock? The Ghostfacers show up and there are only two of them now. The man trolls act like children. Sam and his ridiculous hair pulls faces. Castiel isn’t in this ep thank god; I can’t stand Misha Collins and his constipated face. There is death, Sam whines and TPTB Sam-worship goes on. This had promise but became crap. One Ghostfacer is left by the side of the road in an invisible shame closet, there are unsubtle metaphors, indignation, Sam playing the martyr and a stupid reveal.

Best Lines:
“The Winchesters. Yay.”
“Says nobody.”

“Amazon me bitches.”

“Part man, part tree.”

“Thinman hangs out by trees and the woods are where trees hang out.”

“Quit raining on my rainbow.”

“Doing a ‘Scream’ thing.”
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