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Trailer time fun

'Please Don't Leave Me' music video
Saw the full uncensored version of this melancholy song. What a creepy, 'Misery' inspired video this is. This is a good song with a good video.

'If U Seek Amy' music video
An awful video that looks cheap and the pop tart looks rough.

'So NoTORIous' clips
Saw some clips of Tori Spellings cancelled show. It mocked her 'Beverly Hills 90210' days and co-starred the guy who plays Sylar on 'Heroes'. The clips I saw showed Tori's terror of 'Brenda' and how she was thoroughly mocked by 'Dylan', 'Andrea' and 'Brandon'. Hee, this looks very funny.

'Parker Lewis Can't Lose' clips
"Synchronise swatches"
This was an unabashed 'Ferris Bueller' rip-off, but was superior due to the fact it didn't star Matthew Broderick. Parker was smug, his friends were loyal, the Principle was freakish, her creepy sidekick Frank was nicknamed The Teenage Mutant Sidekick and there was a really large guy lumbering around. I remember liking this back in the day: Green jello! Frank in a 'Lawrence of Arabia' homage! Parker and co blackmailing Frank into doing their bidding by holding his complete collection of 'Soldier of Fortune' magazines to ransom! Upon viewing these clips, memories came back and there was a warm glow of nostalgia. However I didn't get a desire to buy 'Parker Lewis' on DVD.

'GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra' trailer
The 9th Doctor is in it and seems to be the baddie, so I'm there. No other reason.

'Dollhouse' trailers
"Not anymore."

Watched the trailers for various 'Dollhouse' episodes and I'm intrigued. It looks cool, it's a shame the show is pretty much axed. Why do people watch 'The Mentalist' and not this?

'Harper's Island' trailer
More murders than in an average episode of 'CSI: Miami! This looks good and I'm suspecting that the guy who was 'Jake 2.0' is the killer.

'Susan Boyle's audition on Britain's Got Talent'
Yes, she can sing but I'm sure that whole audition scene was a set-up to get ratings and media attention.

'The Signal' trailer
This low budget horror looks creepy but the whole setup is a ripoff of Stephen King's 'Cell'.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kendall on 'All My Children'
Wow, SMG used to be a brunette and used to gatecrash funerals. Not bad. So did Erica Kane throw Kendal out of Mona's funeral or not?
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