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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Arrow/Flash’ superhero fight club trailer

Best Line:
“And I thought you had anger management issues.”

‘Scream: The TV series’ promo

Chinotto drink - utterly horrible.
Gluten free and wheat free bread - okay.
Spicy chilli tortilla chips Pringles - good.

I will review ‘The Game’ and ‘In Fear’.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Quotes:
“You hoped it would remain private? On the internet?”

“A publicity stunt to jump start your porn career.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Worse than murdering someone.”

“She was disowned. Her family removed her from the family tree.”

“Dim-witted vulgarians.”


“Hashtag diversity.”

“Somewhat unfair reputation.”

“It smells of farmyard.”

“A faint wisp of despair.”

“A lot of people think I’m the murderer from Broadchurch.”

“Poor choice of husband.”

“Pertinence and modernity.”

“Instinctively recoils.”

“Lewdest moment in 19th century fiction.”

“Angry words were being muttered about the lack of booze and limos.”

“Hadn’t had a heart attack: he’d smoked some extra-strong grass which had caused a panic attack.”

“A strange-looking phone with no pull-out aerial.”

“That crap Daniella Westbrook from Eastenders shoved up her nose until it caved in?!”

“This is Breaking Bad country.”

“Unironic enjoyment of video games.”

“It’s tomorrow’s bespoke wallpaper.”

“The credibility of the claim evaporated.”

“Why aren’t people more outraged at that?”

“I hate cake.”

“His speciality was being empty.”

“He could never be fully forgiven.”

“Endless supply of mafia idiots.”

“Toxic atmosphere.”

“A strangely empty place.”

“Outstanding moral debt.”

“Anchoring bias.”

“There’s desperation hiding in those budgie smugglers.”

“Their sole purpose being to have sex and die.”

“Lothario tendencies and a limited intellect.”

‘Countryfile’ Quotes:
“Green-laneing should be banned.”

“Walkers cause erosion.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Think of her as scheming.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“My wife ordered a dust ruffle.”

“Justice has a new name: up.”

“I’ve been addicted to oxy for awhile now.”

“Monkey headed lord of winds.”

“Gave himself a shotgun tonsillectomy.”

“Beware cocktail waitresses with free drinks and eyeball height cleavage.”

“Atheist strip club.”

“I’m supposed to care about things.”

“Morally acceptable screw job.”

“1am loving.”

“Confrontational energy.”

“Ask you some questions in our beating room.”

“Your corpse bride is getting cold.”

“God isn’t sky police.”

“We were scathed.”

‘American Crime’ Quotes:
“Beat his ass.”

“Juvie bitch.”

“Cuts a dude. ODs his girl.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“He told me to go kill myself.”

“How thoughtful.”

“Give your feelings a voice.”

“Significant mood insatiability.”

“Did you call anyone?”

“She’s been in distress for 24 years.”

“Take her out of the situation.”

“She’s just mental.”

“Made bad choices.”

“Everything is a fight.”

“We could have had better parenting.”

“There is no our anymore.”

“Let me talk, for once.”

‘Raffles’ Quote:
“The milk had beaten me by a short can but I was ahead of the Daily Mail.”

‘Raised By Wolves’ Quotes:
“R2D2 is Churchill.”

“Like a bollixed mattress.”

“Stop that maudlin bollocks.”

“That heartless gorgon.”

“The atmosphere in here must be 90% Glade.”

“She hates light and air.”

“This chintzy snake pit.”

“She’ll mace us and claim she thought we were burglars.”

“She still carps on about how she missed the last episode of ‘Tenko’ because I was hit by that bus.”

“Go get your mummy a cider.”
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