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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 2x16 + Person Of Interest 3x16 + Gotham 1x11 Reviewed

The boil eyed Hunter steals and Coulson finds this acceptable. They sit around having whinny male angst. Skye is naked and doesn’t notice her status with the Inhumans is an inherently unstable situation. Skye is increasingly and weirdly infantilised. Fury’s toolbox is the mcguffin du jour. Fitz is screamingly pompous. Simmons fakes being part of the insular cabal as she has an utter inability to be sensible. Coulson is self regarding and in a moral and intellectual torpor.

Coulson picks quarrels and provokes trouble. Swivel eyed Skye is an unemployable dimwit. This ep was utterly naff and not emotionally rewarding. I don’t care about Skye, Coulson or May. Gonzalez makes sense. May has contempt and fear and is all repugnant inappropriateness. What is Hydra doing? Nobody seems to care. There is no Ward. Coulson acts like he owns SHIELD. Nothing genuine, real or believable happens. People have improbable haircuts. I’m sick of Fitz and his implicit belittling of everything. Gordon lisps. Cal is naturally resentful and his oppressive omnipresence bore. Monetised manmeat yell. What does Gordon plan for Skye? There are obvious plot ‘twists’.

Peterson and his leather bondage gear shows up. Skye’s mother isn’t dead but doesn’t tell Skye who she is. Wasn’t she supposed to be dead? Skye and Raina are monstrously terrible. Cal knew his wife was alive? So why did he want revenge on Whitehall? May, Coulson, Skye and Fitz are increasingly tedious. Fitz is a thief and Coulson realises he needs Ward. This was a morass of bustdown behaviour.

Best Lines:
“The wife has taken to muumuus.”

“She’s a SHIELD agent not a thing.”

“This isn’t good.”

“I was dead after all.”

“There are no good options.”

“SHIELD’s here.”
“Ours or theirs?”

“Big boy guns.”

“Glad I amuse you.”

“What happened to you?”
“Destiny. Apparently.”

“SHIELD will fall again.”

“Our bad option: Grant Ward.”

99% of this ep is a flashback to 2010 and we meet Reese’s predecessor. There is muttering. Reese and his partner Kara lurk ominously. There was no easefulness to be had due to the screaming implications of this ep. The beached whale woman had Nathan killed and she tried to have the POI of the week Casey killed. Kara menaces a man with wasabi. Greer stands in shadows. English cads run around. Reese’s predecessor was self important, thoughtless, callous, vain, foolish, unjust and hypocritical and it got him killed. There is madness and violence. Casey is lectured, patronised, instructed and spared by Reese. A plot arc from season 1 must be looked at in an all new light. Shaw makes a cameo. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“You are the rotation.”

“Must you do that?”

“Is it necessary to be so intimidating?”

“That man is CIA.”

“He’s highly efficient.”

“A bag full of teeth.”

“He still sucking air or what?!

Rogue’s Gallery
Gordon is a security guard at Arkham. Cat-teen and Ivy causes problems. Barbara pill pops and is dumped by Renee. There is violence and Gordon is treated disgracefully. Dr Leslie Thompkins shows up. Penguin is punched and proud oddness is displayed. Nothing too revelatory happens. The junkie slut Barbara screams and stomps. Gordon’s boss Lang bores. I didn’t think anything could be worse than ‘Man On A Ledge’ but this was. Maroni plots, Barbara needs mouth glue and there are deaths and cliff-hangers. This was incoherent and obvious.

Best Lines:
“Think you can’t fall any further? Think again.”


“I’m guarding lunatics.”

“You’re beginning to irk me.”

“Open the cage mook!”

“I don’t waste psychic energy.”

“He killed his family with an axe.”

“We are toxic together.”

“Fish is doomed.”

“She’s over-reaching.”
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