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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘True Detective’ season 2 teaser

‘Judas Ghost’ (2013) trailer
Based on the ‘Ghost Finder’ novels. I’m in.

Best Line:
“Where the hell’s the door gone?”

‘A Little Chaos’ TV spot

‘Olympus’ promo

Best Lines:
“What am I?”

‘Wild Things’ trailer
Everyone is plotting. Is this a thriller or a stealth parody?

Best Line:
“Can I play too?”

‘The Jinx’ promo

‘Arrow’ promo
Oliver needs to go down.

Fast & Furious 7’ promo
Guns! Fights! Cars! People going through glass tables!

I am reading ‘The Ocean Of Time’.

I won’t read ‘Disclaimer’ or ‘The Cutting Room’.

I will review ‘Wake’ and ‘Dark Detectives’.

Snow on ‘The Flash’ was in ‘Sky High’.

LJ has been declared a ghost town apparently by BNFs. So? I’m not doing Tumblr.

A 13 part series called ‘Shadowhunters’ based on ‘The Mortal Instruments’ has been ordered! I’m there!

There’s apparently a ‘Wild Things’ deleted scene between Kevin Bacon and Matt Dillon.

Strawberry aloe vera drink - okay.
All organic gluten-free non GMO Vegan Golden Cashew organic Live Food Bar - okay.
Bacio Perugina - excellent.
Gluten free spaghetti - very good.

‘Ros Na Run’ Quote:
“It’s hard with all this screaming.”

‘16 & Pregnant’ Quote:
Your irritation is sitting in my house.”

‘CSI’ Quote:
“Watching her work a corner.”

‘Forever’ Quote:
“Great article on Jimmy Caan’s walk-in-humidor.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Trivialise your involvement.”

“So morally corrupt.”

“It would have been abnormal.”

“Bullies are pack animals.”

“I didn’t care.”

“I didn’t want to think about it.”

“The experience she had to me was false.”

“Sleeping, sick and complaining.”

“Stop yelling at me.”

“My pillbox was my friend.”

“Who’s setting the moral compass for these people?”

“I was just so done.”

“Then it really gets bad.”

“The forward thinking that she was doing.”

‘Wild Things’ Quotes:
“I miss dad.”
“I miss him too. Sometimes.”
“No you don’t!”
“He didn’t have to kill himself Kelly!”

‘Rush Hour 3’ Quotes:
“I believe whore is spelt with a w.”

“Makes double cos she ain’t got no teeth!”

‘Sex and the Church’ Quotes:
“By this sign: conquer.”

“The Christian God had delivered him the Roman Empire.”

“Couldn’t hack it as a hermit so he gave up.”

“Nibbling larks tongues in aspic.”

Marry Me’ Quotes:
“Groundhog day of the dead.”

“Hot FDR.”

“We’ve waited long enough.”

“Deep dish pizza noise.”

“Eating like a cartoon lizard.”

“Special red lacy spanx.”

“The compliment sandwich.”

“Who picked the fuzzy rug?”

“Chuckles and boobs!”

“More fillet mignon essence?”

Sky News’ Quotes:
“Some rotter.”

“Rotters like that.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad caused Matt’s death and is obviously moving in on Lauren. Paige uses Matt’s death as an excuse to insinuate herself into Lauren’s life like a worm. Nate is pissed that his boyfriend is obsessing over pregnant Lucy - who is played by yet another actress.
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